PN3000-HFNC High Flow Nasal Cannula

Pigeon heated high flow cannula(HFNC) oxygen therapy is a form of non –invasive respiratory support,which comprises an air oxygen blender mixer, respiratory humidifier, a single heated circuit and a heated nasal cannula.It delivers adequately heated and humidified medical gas up to 60L/min,and is considered to have a number of physiological effects.

Working Principle of PN3000-HFNC High FlowNasal Cannula

Pigeon adult HFNC pigeonadopts a soft, comfortable, lightweight breathing circuit and a unsealed high-flow nasal oxygen cannula to deliver a mixed high-flow gas to patient. Since the mask is not required, the patient can eat and talk without being affected while receiving treatment. After finishing machine connection, gas and oxygen come into blender and be adjusted to certain concentration, inpired gas goes through humidifier and is heated to be with certain temperature and humidity, the machine has automatic temperature detection function, which makes patients' breath smoothly and comfortably.

Features of PN3000-HFNC High Flow Nasal CPAPCannula

Automatical temperature detection

Stable performance

Mechanical type blender design.

Medical air compressor can be optional in the case of absence or failure of central air supply.

Specification of PN3000-HFNC Nasal Cannula Max Flow

Adjustment of Oxygen Concentration






Pressure of gas source


Blender Alarm

When gas supply pressure difference > 0.1 Mpa

Blender Alarm Noise

>57 dB(A)

Accuracy of FiO2

Humidifier Supply Voltage/Frequency

220V/ 110V 50/60Hz

Humidifier Temperature monitoring


Humidifier Heater Plate Over-temperature Cut Off


Heater Wire(Max.)

22V-,2.73A, 60W, 50/60Hz

Humidifier Temperature control settings

Heated wire mode(mode indicator lighted)

Temperature grade(with indicator status)

Continuous flow range

Delivered patient temperature

P1 (●○○)



P2 (●●○)



P3 (●●●)



Non-heated wire mode(It is not recommended in adult HFNC. Operate manual of humidifier show details)

Pigeon Medicalspecializes in manufacturing respiratory therapy equipment & high flow oxygen therapy devices. Main products are air-oxygen blender, medical air compressor, respiratory humidifierand high-flow nasal cannula. We also have considerable experience in providing solutions for non-invasive, invasive ventilation and high flow nasal therapy.

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