Safety Syringe

SAFEWIN Safety syringes,Website:, Luer lock with non-Integrated needleProduct Use: It is used in extraction of clinical liquid medicine and for injection, help eliminate accidental needlestick injuries.Product Features:1.Compatible with all standard hypodermic needles. 2. Convenient to use, safety mechanism will be activated when the intended dose has been delivered. 3. Pull back the plunger after injection, the locking ring secures the needle in the barrel of the syringe preventing the reuse of syringes. 4. Special design can prevent the needle back into the barrel occasionally. 5. No gap design guaranteed the complete injection without dead space. 6. Exchangeable needles allow clinician to change needle after aspiration of medication. 7. Visual confirmation of safety activation. 8. Various range of syringes to meet the clinical requirements. Using step:  1.Take off the needle protector.2.Aspiration of medication .3.The safety medication is automatically activated.4.After injection, pull back the plunger to the locking ring. 5.Break the plunger.Complete spec.Code No. Size Needle sizeSS0.5 0.5ml 27G-30GSS1 1ml 27G-30GSS3 3ml 20G-25GSS5 5ml 20G-25GSS10 10ml 19G-25GSS20 20ml 18G-22G

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