Sugical Chair

Uncompromising quality and support


Perfect surgical comfort


Suitable for vulnerable groups


Multiple colors to be selected


Premium quality at an affordable price


Maximum leg room


Benefit from quick and identical  processes and position your patients as


desired at the push of a button, using either the hand-held remote control or foot control


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Articulating Headrest

Articulating Headrest


85 Degrees Backrest Rotation


Hand Control

Intuitive opreation


Easy handling


Foot Control

Hands-free during work


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Latest News

Apr 15,20

How to Defend Dentists and Assistants from Bacterial and Viral Infections

Dental Surgery is a close relative space, the bacterial and virus over the air will increase 6-20 times, and the splashy droplets and blood from the patient's oral during treatment affect the zone. We have oral surgery chairs for sale, and the surgical chair price is affordable. Therefore, if you need dental surgery chair, please contact us to buy surgery chair.


Professional in dental chair and delivery unit


As the ads dental system inc, 13 Years in business! Attention to detail is always the most important factor in our quality control system. As a professional dental equipment manufacturer, our equipment is sold to more than 80 countries around the world, including Western Europe and Japan. Our primary goal is to design, create, and supply contemporary and reliable dental equipment at affordable price.

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