multi-finger scratch/mar tester 710

This type scratch tester made by Qinsun Company is multi-functional scraping instrument.

GB/T 2918,GB/T 6151,GB/T 8424.3,PV3952,BMW GS97034-2,BMW GS97034-9,GMN 3943-2003,
FLTM BN 108-13,STD1024-3113,GMW 14698-A,GMW 14688

Product Application
Scratch tester used for a variety of automotive interior materials, such as plastics, rubber, leather,
fabric, coating materials, coating materials and other non-composite materials such as scratch resistance detection.

Main Features
1. The apparatus consists of the drive motor mechanism, scraping component, the sample holder fixing devices and other components.
2. The scraper assembly includes a bracket scratch; scraping means scrape the specified bit sets, pressurizing means (weights and weight support bar) and the like.
3. Free installation, replacement and removal of different specifications, scraping means can be implemented in a uniform way linear motion scraping under different loads.
4. The use of embedded systems, man-machine interface for automated control of the testing process, using precision servo motor, ball screw driver for the scraping speed standards under the control accuracy with a decisive role.
5. The use of tungsten carbide makes scraping means, increase the instrument pot life.
6. The use of aluminum and stainless steel, simple appearance, lightweight and corrosion resistant.

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