Pneumatic bursting strength tester

Pneumatic bursting strength tester

is widely used in textile , leather , paper and other fields. The bursting strength and height of woven, knitted, non-woven fabric, paper or board are measured by air pressure drum. It is the basic equipment for testing physical strength and strength of materials.
Easy to use, high degree of automation G229P pneumatic expansion tester through intelligent control algorithm to accurately control the burst time, with manual and automatic two control methods; It is equipped with touch screen control software, simple operation. The test results can be stored, analyzed and printed; The range of instrument pressure is large, which is suitable for various materials to meet the requirements of bursting strength test.

ASTM D3786 Standard Test Method for Bursting Strength of Textile Fabrics—Diaphragm Bursting Strength Tester Method ISO 13938-2 Textiles-Bursting properties of fabrics-Part 2:Pneumatic method for deter-mination of bursting strength and bursting distension. IWS TM 29 International Wool Board Standard
EDANA 80.4.2002 Recommended test method - nonwovens burst
NEXT 22 Determines the bursting properties of the fabric

G229P pneumatic bursting strength tester uses high efficient micro processing control system , which is easy to use. Besides , it can make the daily laboratory testing workbecomes simple, versatile, flexible, safe and stable.

Easy to use
The G229P can be operated conveniently and visually. The operation is simple and the source of error is eliminated.

Wide range of applications
Through the replacement of accessories,it can be used in a variety of applications,to meet different materials testing requirements.

Convenient test cup
clamping system and a variety of sizes of the test cup can be selected to meet the different test standards; Configure the test safety cover and lighting system to ensure thesafety of the test and improve the use of comfort.

Bursting strength test for various kinds of textiles, such as woven fabrics, knitted fabrics,hollow lace fabrics, etc.

Color LCD touch control screen, double key to start testing and foot switch control mode optional,so it is easy to use, safe and reliable.

Bursting strength test for Paper, non-woven materials and film materials.Simple and easy operation of the instrument control and data analysis software,the instrument built-in test software can achieve real-time test data display, easy operation,data storage and view,data analysis and printing.

R & D department product performance verification, manufacturer product quality control,testing organizations and quality supervision departments of product sampling andquality assessment.

Technical Parameters
Measuring range:0-1500kPa
Specimen Clamping:pneumatic
Max distension height up to 70mm±1%
Pressure rate:1-100kPa/min, adjustable
Scan time:less than 25 s
Output mode:display and print for output, real-time graphic, online communication;
Operating mode:manual or automatic
Test cup clamping area:7.3cm2,7.8cm2、10cm2、50cm2、100cm2
Output multiple indexes :bursting pressure, bursting strength, diaphragm pressure, distension height, burst time
Power Options:220 AC,50Hz
Dimension:480mm×600 mm×805mm

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