Particle Size

What is Particle Size and Particle Size Distribution?

Particle size indicates how small (or big) a particle is. The unit is usually mm, μm or nm. The particle diameter is the most common parameter usually used to describe particle size. Particle size distribution is characterized as a percentage of the number of particles in a specific size range compared to the total number of the particles. Particle size distribution can be expressed in many ways based on different criteria, including number, diameter, area, volume, and mass. Particle size distribution as measured by laser diffraction is most commonly based on volume. Particle size and particle size distribution are the major analysis parameter of particle size distribution measurementequipment (also called "particle size analyzer").

The main parameter for the characterization of droplets in emulsions or particles in suspensions is the particle size distribution. We offer a variety of different instruments and methods for tackling different challenges in applications, regardless if they are to be used in quality control or research and development. Bettersize Instruments Ltd is a famous Chinese particle size analyzer suppliers, Bettersize will offer you better particle size solutions.

Importance of particle sizing:

Particle size is one of the main characteristics of powder materials. The particle size parameter is key in determining cement reactions in water, attaching strength and coverage of coatings, capacity of lithium batteries, decomposition rate of pharmaceutics, filtering efficiency of filters, magnetic permeability and coercivity of magnetic materials, efficiency and residual of pesticides, atmosphere and environment pollution, etc. Particle sizing is a basic and important process in production, application, and research of powder materials. The application of particle size analyzers plays a very important role in these fields, especially the laser particle analyser has been widely used and deeply loved by customers and users.The importance of particle size analysiscan't be ignored..

Bettersize particle size analyzer:

Bettersize has been developing and manufacturing laser particle size analyzers since 1995. Using advanced, scientific approaches, and collaborating extensively with global research leaders in academia, government and industry to answer questions at the leading edge of particle sizing research, Bettersize has developed a variety of high-performance particle size testing equipment that meet international standards. Our particle size analyzers have been widely used in many industries for the analysis of particle size of different powders.

A detailed description of laser diffraction can be found HERE.

We provide the best particle measuring services and technical support for your using the particle size instrument.The particle size measurement unitsalso support for your.

Bettersize has a support team that continually provides improved hardware, software of particle size analyser and ease of use updates ofparticle size instrumentto its large customer base. For assistance in any of these aspects contact our global support team or our local distributors.

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