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DH-800RU two-stage reverse osmosis pure water equipmentProduct NameDH-800RU two-stage reverse osmosis pure water equipmentPowderAC380V/220V/50HZPurify capacity8T/HWater qualitythe need to comply with GB5749-85 "drinking water health standards",Website:, and the water conductivity ≤  500us/cm,compliance, "the Ministry of Health issued health monitoring (1998) No. 19 document health" requirement.Rated working pressure0.7-1 .0 MPaRaw water water flow pressure1.5m3 / H≥ 0.15MPaApplicationFeatures:1, using the brand reverse osmosis (RO) membrane purification device (parts per million micron pore size), using the most advanced technology of reverse osmosis pure water preparation. 2, multi-stage filter, integrated play an effective role at all levels of the filter, remove the source of sediment in water, suspended solids, colloids, organic matter, heavy metals, soluble solids, bacteria, viruses, heat and other harmful impurities, retaining only the water molecules and dissolved oxygen. Method using replaceable pre-filter, can effectively ensure the pre-effect, and easy to replace filter affordable, water production and low operating cost. 3, using the famous silent high-pressure pump, long life, reliable operation. 4, with a high-pressure backwash function, which can effectively extend the filter, RO membrane life. 5, automatic control of water (source water, water down, water tank full stop).RO functional analysis: 1, quartz sand filters: Removal of sediment, rust, algae, humus, and other large colloidal particles suspended impurities and reduce turbidity. 2, activated carbon filters: use of broad-spectrum of activated carbon adsorption to remove organic matter in water, heavy metals, pesticides, detergents, chlorine, etc., to remove odor, reduce color. 3, the security filter: filter pore size of 5 microns, particulate filter water to ensure compliance with the requirements of reverse osmosis water, reverse osmosis membranes to reduce the load. 4, reverse osmosis membranes: water molecules under pressure through reverse osmosis membranes, water harmful ions, bacteria, viruses, etc. are retained, and with the concentration of the water drain through the water is pure water. 5, the choice of equipment: softening, disinfection, scale, drug wash, frequency conversion water supply system.Hospital Water Treatment EquipmentEDI laboratory industrial ultra pure water system1. Product description: Electro-Deionization Systems Electro deionized (EDI) Systems remove ions from aqueous streams, typically in conjunction with reverse osmosis (RO) and other purification devices. Our high-quality modules continually produce ultra-pure water up to 18.2MΩ/cm. EDI may be run continuously or intermittently. Electrodeionization is a green solution for deionizing water. With no expensive chemical upkeep and virtually no down-time, electrodeionization units are the future in deionization. Call us today for more information how you can revolutionize the way you make ultra-pure water.2. Technological processraw water+ raw water tank+ raw water pump+ sand filter+ carbon filter+softener (optional)+ security filter+one stage high pressure pump+ one stage reverse osmosis system+ PH adjuster+ two stage high pressure pump+ two stage reverse osmosis system + pure water tank+ EDI booster pump + precision filter + EDI mould + ultra pure water tank + UV sterilizer (ozone generator)  + water supply points3. Application:s1.Advanced boiler feed water desalination2.Purified water for petrochemical and chemical purposes3.Purified water for biochemical and pharmaceutical purposes4.Purified water for electronic industry5.Purified water for laboratories4. Benefits of EDIThe benefits and advantages of using PuretecEDI compared to the traditional ion exchange process are:l.Operates continuously, no downtime for regenerations2.Eliminates regeneration chemicals3.Reduces energy, operating and maintenance expenses4.Minimizes space requirement5.Enables a simpler system (no concentrate recirculation) and fully shop assembled on skids to minimize site workThey are ideally used in power generation for boiler feed water and NOx control, semiconductors, microelectronics, laboratory and pharmaceutical application5. Request of feed water1.resource :RO water.conductivity<20μs·cm(better <10μs·cm)2.PH:6.0-9.0(better 7.0-9.0 ,but can’t be too much hard)3.water temperature:5-35℃4.hardness (as CaCO3)<0.5ppm5.organics maximum 0.5ppm .TOC recommend 0ppm6.oxidizers:maximum 0.05ppm(C12),0.02PPM(O3),recommend 7.metals:maximum0.01ppm,iron ,manganese8.silica:maximum0.5ppm9.carbon dioxide:maximum 5ppm10.oil :not detectable6. The advantage of EDI1.continuous ,produced water quality steady2.won’t stop for regeneration3.No regeneration .no waste equipment4.Reduce factory area5.Cost effective6.High recovery7.No acide-alkali regeneration8.Save water of back wash and wash9.Safe and reliable ,no touch of acid and alkali10.Special filling technology,lowest voltage11.Energy save and environmental12.No need to add salt or concentrated water13.Recycle system soft drinks plant water 30T / H RO equipment     jewelry industry ultra-pure water  How it works:Reverse osmosis is a kind of reverse migration of penetration, is a pressure-driven choice without the help of semi-permeable membrane will retain the role of solvent in the separation of solute and solvent separation method, it has been widely used in various solutions of purified and dissolved reduced, which is the most common examples of applications in water treatment process, water with reverse osmosis technology ions, bacteria, viruses, organic matter and colloid and other impurities in order to obtain high-quality pure water.Equipment Overview:Reverse Osmosis pure water system, based on water as raw water, go through pre (softener is optional), then after RO reverse osmosis. After a series of processing, can remove particles, colloids, organic impurities, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, heat and other harmful substances and 99% of dissolved salts, the system desalination rate of 96 to 99%. Effluent conductivity reached ≤10μs/cm.--- Concentrated by-product emissions of environmentally friendly water is a separation technique in line with environmental requirements. Without much thought to the stability of water quality, reverse osmosis system product water can be recycled without consuming any substance under the premise of long-term stability, which is one of its most important features.System controlAnd performance:★ RO system core components are imported membrane.★ water or water-filled low-voltage automatic shutdown★ can be controlled automatically, RO membrane auto wash and reduce pollution rate.★ Automatic Water Pure water tank★ low pressure switch to protect high-pressure pump will not stop the damage to water supply ★ High-efficiency, low noise, high-pressure pump, reduce operating noise and reduce power consumption.★ conductivity table water production capacity to monitor water quality continuously. ★ water and drainage pressure gauge, continuous monitoring of pressure reverse osmosis membrane, suggesting that when it needs cleaning ★ Automatic shutdown without water valve to prevent the continued flow of waterApplications:Power industry: the boiler feed water Electronics industry: semiconductor industry ultra pure water, cleaning water circuit; Food industry: formula water, process water; tea, fruit juice, vegetable juice, plant extracts and other heat-sensitive substances and concentration; Beverage Industry: formulation water, process water, wash water Pharmaceutical industry: process water, reagent water, washing water, water for injection, drug concentration and separation; Chemical industry: the production of water, waste water treatment, concentration and separation of valuable material; Drinking water projects: water purification, water purification; Petrochemical industry: oil field injection water, petrochemical and treatment of waste water; Desalination: the island areas, coastal water regions, ships, water and oil field production and livingLife water treatment -42T/HUF water treatment system5T / HUF water treatment system system5T / HUF water treatment system 50T / HF water treatment system 1T / HUF water treatment system 8T / HUF water treatment system 8T / HUF water treatment system Product description1>Ultra-filtration is a separation technique widely used.Mainly the use of polysulfone, micro-porous Polyether sulfone ultrafiltration membranes (molecular weight cut thousands of ten thousands daltons) filter out impurities in the water can be removed more than 98% organic matter, to ensurethat the treated water is less than 1 SDI, the SDI value, the turbidity is very satisfactory.The Pre-treatment facilities are exempt large, does not need the coagulant, flocculation, comply with environmental requirements.2>Ultra filtration membrane is the anisomerous semipermeable membrane made of macro molecule material as the separation method without phase transition for solution, and can remove particles whose molecule weight ranges 1,500-100,000 Dalton,and can effectively remove organic,bacterium,virus,colloid and non-ion suspended solid.3> Main Process Flow of Systems:Raw Water →Raw water pump→ sand filter→carbon filter→water softener→security filter→High-pressure pump→ UF system→ pure water tank4>The main technical dataTurbidity(NTU):<0.5Pollution index : <0.5PH:2-12Work pressure (Mpa):0.05-0.2Work temperature(°C):10-455>. Application field: 1). Pure and ultra-pure water equipment, 2). No bacterium no heat raw water equipment for pharmacy, 3). Purification for beverage, drinking water and mineral water, 4). Separation, concentration and purification in industry5). Waste water treatment, electrophoretic coating, electroplating, oil waste water treatment, etc.6>. Features:(1) Low power consumption, can operate in normal temperature and low pressure(2) Small size,simple structure,low investment(3) The processing in only liquid transportation by pressure, so the flow chat is simple and easy to operate and manage.(4) Treatment capacity can be 1-100 ton per hour.Ion change water equipmentFeatures and Advantages:1.System can produce water continuously and high degree automation. 2.No need chemical to regenerate, easy operation and maintenance.3.Core components of ro system are imported USA DOW membranes.4.Automatic switch on when low water level, and switch off when high water level         5.System flushes RO membranes automatically, reducing membranes polluted speed.6.Water shortage protection for multi-stage pump7.Product water conductivity meter can monitor water quality online continuously.8.Low operation cost and long life span9. There’s RO controller, make whole RO system operating automatically.10.Easily control and Maintained. 11. Auto flush and backwash the prefilters12. Integrating water flow indicator, conductivity indicator, pressure indicator, control panelWater treatment plant series model:1. SBR-250, SBR-500, SBR-1000, SBR-2000, SBR-30002.SBR-4000, SBR-5000, SBR-6000, SBR-8000, SBR-10T3.SBR-12T, SBR-15T, SBR-20T, SBR-25T, SBR-30T...SBR-1000 water treatment plant technical parameters:ModelSBR-1000Production capacity1000 L/HrPower2.5KWPower supplyAC 380V 50HzReverse osmosis (RO)membraneLCLE-4040 USA DOWMembrane housing4040pcs 4pcs stainless steelRaw water pumpNanfang Hangzhou  1setQuartz sand filter,activated Carbon filterfiber glass   2pcsSecurity filter20 "× 5μm , 5pcsHigh pressure pumpNanfang Hangzhou  1setActivated carbon50kgQuartz sand150kgSize (mm)about 3 cubic meterWater treatment plant application: 1. Electronic industry: Pre-filter for ultra pure water, chemical products and pure water2. Food and beverage industry: filter for mineral water, wines and fruit juice, bottled drinking water3. Medicine industry: filter for drug liquid4. Chemical industry: filter for organic solvent5. Petroleum industry: filter for oil-field floodingGuidelines for getting a proper quotationTell us the raw water/source of waterProvide water analysis reportRequired production capacity( 500 liters per hour, 1000liters per hour…)What’s the pure water used for( drinking, bottle water or industrial use…)

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