Great demand for Botanical products

Request by: A&S Group

Dear Sales Managers,

We have great demand for Botanical products:

Saffron bulb、Seed use、Rootless cuttings and scions、Seedlings、Mushroom hypha for seed、Vigna and Phaseolus、sweet potato(seed use)、Lotus root(seed use)、For seed use、Brazil nuts(Unshelled)、Brazil nuts(Shelling)、Cashews(Unshelled)、Cashews(Shelling)、Pistachio(Unshelled)、Pistachio(Shelling)、Macadamia nuts (Unshelled)、Macadamia nuts (Shelling)、Pecans、Avocado、Frozen avocado、Ceylon Cinnamon、Cloves (female cloves, male cloves and clove stalks)、Cardamom、Crocus、Rye、Barley、Oat、Edible sorghum、Buckwheat, millet and canary seeds; otherscereals、Other grain flour, but wheat or mixed wheatExcept for the fine powder、Coarse grains, meal and pellets of cereals、Soybeans seeds、Soybeans、Unroasted or uncooked peanuts, whether they areWhether to shell or break
Rapeseed, whether broken or not、Sunflower seeds, whether broken or not、Palm fruit and palm kerne、Cotton seed:、castor bean、sesame、Mustard seeds、The seeds of the melon、Sugar Beet Seeds、Alfalfa Seed、Clover Seed、Fescue、Bluegrass、Ryegrass seeds、Beet seeds, except sugar beet seeds、Herbal flower plant seeds、Vegetable seeds、American Ginseng、Angelica、Sanqi (Tianqi)、Dangshen、Coptis、chrysanthemum、Cordyceps sinensis、Fritillaria、Ligusticum chuanxiong、Banxia、White Peony、Gastrodia、Astragalus、Rhubarb, Seed Yellow、Atractylodes、Rehmannia、Huai Mi、Eu Zhong、Poria、Goji berry、Dahaizi、Agarwood、Adenophora、Artemisia annua、Licorice、Scutellaria
Linden tree (Tilia) flowers and leaves、Root, Pyrethrum、Sargasso、Rutabaga, fodder beet, fodder root,Hay, alfalfa, clover, ascii beans,Feed collard greens, lupins, nest vegetables andSimilar feed, whether made into pellets or not、Frankincense, Myrrh and Dragon's Blood、Asafoetida、Licorice、Azadirachtin、Pyrethrum or Rotenone plant rhizomes、Linter cotton、Plant origin mainly used for dyes and tanning materialsmaterial、Cucumbers and Gherkins、Garlic、Tomato, use other than vinegar or acetic acidProduced or deposited by law
Mushrooms and truffles, with vinegar or other than acetic acidProduced or preserved by other methods、Potato、Other vegetables and mixed vegetables、Other unfrozen vegetables, use vinegar or acetic acid toMade or preserved by other methods, butExcept for products of tariff heading 20.06、Candied dates、olive、Cooked jam, jelly, citrus sauce, fruitPuree and fruit paste, whether with or without sugar or otherSweet substances、Peanut and its products、Other canned nuts and their products、Canned fruit and its products、Palm core、Assorted fruits、Canned lychee、Canned Longan、Canned water chestnuts (horseshoe)、Orange juice、Lemon juice、pineapple juice、tomato juice 、Grape juice, including wine grape juice、Apple juice、Cranberry juice (large cranberries, small cranberries, lingonberries)、mango juice、Passion fruit juice、Guava juice、Pear juice、vegetable juice
Solid palm stearin (50 degrees ≤ melting point ≤ 56degree)、Crude glycerin; glycerin water and glycerin、Coconut chaff (strip/piece)
The content of dry anhydrous lactose by weight is in99% and above
Whole or broken cocoa beans, raw or roastedfried
Retail packaged formula milk for infants and young children∆5181Powder (premature infant/low birth weight infant formula(Milk-based), breast milk nutritional supplements (milk-based)Except for special infant formula foods)
Preterm/low birth weight infant formula (milkBase), breast milk nutritional supplements (milk base) specialSpecial infant formula food

Trading Terms & Conditions:
1. The trading items should be available in your country or China.
2. By return, we could give you the items as follows but not limited to those items.
1) Engineering equipment and wear parts - excavators, loaders, bulldozers, crushers, forklifts, tractors, cranes, trucks, concrete pumps, buckets, bucket teeth, cutting edges, undercarriage parts, etc.
2) Decoration materials like carpet,ceramic tile, wood, wallpaper, etc.
3) Home and office appliances, such as solar water heaters, air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers and the like. Printer supplies, toner cartridges, paper.
4) Common cleaning products, including shampoo, shower gel, soap, toothpaste, and so on.
3. In case of deal, no cash, bank transfer or letter of credit acceptable, only exchange by materials or goods.
4. Import destination port: Shanghai / Qingdao / Guangzhou, China

Any interest in cooperation, please contact to discuss further.

Thanks & Best Regards.
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