Solar Wall Pack

Super bright LED area lamp and fixture for high-intensity LED outputs. Solar powered LED lighting systems need high-efficiency lamps and fixtures. These Eco-Light wall pack LED fixtures draw 3 watts for high level illumination. Drawing only 3 watts this high-efficiency led lamp is ideal for your solar powered system. Designed for real world applications that are wet,Website:, rainy, foggy, or otherwise challenging. Charge your battery bank with solar PV panels to provide power for this high output LED lamp and fixture. Super Bright LED Lamp and Fixture produces a bright white light that is rated for over 100,000 hours of use onsite. Over 75% energy savings with 12 times more life than a standard 100 watt HID with this high-efficiency LED lamp is terrific at pumping out bright light. Power Factor .95, IP rating 65, with a Rated Hours of operation of 100,000 Hours. This 3 watt draw is as bright as a incandescent 80 watt bulb - all for 3 watts. High shock and vibration resistance for long life through real world conditions. Easy to install, this LED replacement lamp and fixture is a great choice for your solar Pv battery charging system to power your led lighting system. Use a lighting controller to set the on/off pattern for your LED lighting system. Custom high-brightness white array LED output. Certified for damp locations for foggy, misty, and raining locations. Instant On and Off capability that does not damage the LED lamps. Ideal for solar and wind power battery charging systems using high-efficiency LED lamps. Specification Solar panel 17% efficiency 10 years Li-ion battery 2000 mAh 1000 cycles LED 200 lumens Lighting mode 12 hrs per night material PC Waterproof IP65 Lighting time Over 3 nights Full charged

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