3*25W LED Grille Downlight

Features : 3*25W LED Grille Downlight(three heads)1.COB Chips : Original CREE ,Website:, CITIZEN LEDs option2.LED Driver : 200-240VAC , 100-270VAC driver3.Housing : ADC12 Aluminum & Heatsink4.White and black , with reflector5.0-10V dimmable and dali dimmable available6.LM-80 approved , 90-100LM/W7.Accurate Color Temperature : 2700K-5000K8.High CRI > 80Ra , CRI > 909.Warranty : 3 years or 5 years10.Protection Class : IP5411.UL/TUV/SAA/CB/CE CertificateSpecification :      ModelLEDLumenPowerVoltageBeam angleSize (mm)Cuthole (mm)QD-CG1503-25COB CITIZEN CLL022-1202A5 3PCS2000 lm25 W220-240V        100-277V24/60°L372*W140*H143.5L360*W125(14.17*4.92")QD-CG1504-40COB CITIZEN CLL022-1204A5 3PCS3200 lm40 W220-240V        100-277V24/60°L462*W160*H163L450*W145(17.72*5.51")QD-CG1505-75COB CITIZEN CLL032-1206A5 3PCS6000 lm75 W220-240V        100-277V24/60°L538*W190*L175L520*W170(20.47*6.69")Application installationFAQ 1. Which LED Grille Downlight should I choose if I need a light which is brighter than a 50W halogen? Then 12W, 13W, and 15W or even 30W, 40W, 50W, 60W  LED Grille Downlights are ultra-bright and can be used in high ceilings or areas such as office and other task areas such as above work or kitchen benches. 2. What LED Downlight color does Qiled recommend Warm white 2700K, 3000K creates a comfortable feel Cool white 4000K is fresh and clean Daylight 5000K and 6500K is ultra-bright 3. Can we use existing transformer for your 3 head LED Grille downlights? It is no problem, before confirming order, it is better to confirm our grille downlight output voltage and current, then choose suitable transformer.

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