2*30W LED Grille Downlight

Features :  2*30W LED Grille Downlight(two heads)●LED chips : Original CREE ,Website:, CITIZEN COB LEDs option●5 years warranty LiFud driver●ADC12 Aluminum Housing & Heatsink●Dimmable , non-dimmable available●Voltage : AC200-240V , AC100-270V●80LM/W whole lamp●Exact CCT : 2700K ,3000K , 4000K , 5000K●IP Rating : IP54●UL/TUV/SAA/CB/CE CertificateSpecification :      ModelLEDLumenPowerVoltageBeam angleSize (mm)Cuthole (mm)QD-CG1703-15COB CREE CXA1507 2PCS1050 lm15 W220-240V        100-277V15/24/38/60°L222*W116*H90L200*W100(7.87*3.94")QD-CG1704-30COB CREE CXA1512 2PCS2400 lm30 W220-240V        100-277V15/24/60°L272*W144*H110L250*W125(9.84*4.92")QD-CG1705-40COB CREE CXA1512 2PCS3200 lm40 W220-240V        100-277V15/24/38/60°L313*W164*H113L290*W145(11.42*5.71")QD-CG1706-60COB CREE CXA1820 2PCS4816 lm60 W220-240V        100-277V23/60°L354*W184*H115L330*W165(12.99*6.50")Application installationFAQ 1.What application for 2 head led grille downlight widely used?●Such as Hotels, shopping malls, Banks, hospitals and other places of business premises lighting;●Restaurants, cafes, shops, bars, theaters, cinemas and other places of entertainment lighting;●Conference room, office, showroom, office lighting;●Sitting room, dining-room, bedroom, kitchen, and so on various household lighting in room;Counter, display cabinets, wardrobe, bookshelf, window and other commercial lighting and display lighting goods. 2. What’s the quality of LED Grille Downlight?  If you buy quality product, the light quality is excellent. Color Rendering Indes(CRI) is generally used to measure light quality on a scale from 1-100. Most LEDs have a CRI rating of at least 80, and many are rated 90 and above.

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