LED Fence Lamps

A summary of LED guardrail lampLED guardrail lamp is designed for the  outline of the building design of high-tech products,Website:, a plurality of lights can  be composed of cascaded buildings and bridges building contour line or tube  screen, the buildingOutline bright up. LED lamp screen display  area, clear display, LED tube screen for viewing distance.LED guardrail lamp bright colors, bright  and charming. The three primary colors (R, G, B) which can display sixty  thousand kinds of colors, can play symphony and video effects.LED guardrail lamp control mode unique: the  DMX512 improved version of SDMX512 control mode, DMX512 control mode to break  the control points shortcomings, overcome the shortcomings of RS-485  communication,Is a specially designed for the control  system of LED guardrail lamp R & D.Two, LED guardrail lamp parameters1 imported display screen and chips 144 LED  light source, long life, low power consumption, durableThe 2 Aluminum Alloy shell, imported PC  mask, anti ultraviolet radiation, etc.The 3 circuit board with glass fiber board,  the thickness of 1.6mm,  cooling fast, not easy to break, impact4 the lamp board glue design, protection of  circuit board in the long-term will not be corroded, causing a short circuit5 male and female head butt by air, to  avoid the product fault line access phenomenon during installation6 internal inside are used for more than 1  square wire lamps in series, can guarantee the normal work7 voltage DC12V or 24V, the maximum power  loss 12WThe 8 level of protection, IP67, fully  qualified for outdoor useThree, LED guardrail lamp featuresThe lamp body is made of high strength  aluminum material, anti aging surface electrostatic spray processing, self-cleaning, strong corrosion resistance.A mask with a new PC lampshade, shock  resistance, friction.High quality LED products, with high  stability, long service life, low investment high return.Can DMX512 control system, change of water,  colorful and dreamy effect.Green environmental protection: the design  of cold light source, no radiation, no damage to skin and eyes. No lead, and  other pollution elements, realize the true sense of the greenHumanized design, lighting installation and  maintenance easier. Suitable for different applications.The design of the full heat lamps, the low  temperature of surface cover, safety, and good protection.Four, the main components that LED  guardrail lamp:1, specifications: W50mm * 1000mm2, LED (light emitting diode)Imported screen LED light-emitting diode  chipThe use of automatic solid crystal, welding  wire, sealing equipment, made in the production process of LED chip to minimize  the damage, ensure the electric performance of LED does not change, so that the  LED can achieve moreHigh stability and longer service lifeThe longest service life up to 100 thousand  hoursHigh brightness and good consistency, good  consistency of wavelength (color)Spectrophotometric color sorting machine  and electric test strictly by LED, ensure the use of each product is qualified  products LED3, driver (IC)Dezhou high power driverPHILPS data communication devicePHILPS stabilizing device4, PCB (printed circuit board)All glass double platinum plated copper  sheetLow water absorption, good moisture  resistanceHas the characteristics of good flexibility,  not easily broken, high and low temperature deformation5, PC shell (transparent or milky white,  the grain):Adopt Japan MITSUBISHI original PC mold,  strong weather resistanceHigh transparency, anti UV, anti impact  ability (UV), high and low temperature is much better than domestic productsTube wall thickness greater than 1.8mm, to ensure the strength of the  fightThe professional design and mold  production, set aside Aluminum Alloy base slot, can be closely combined with the base to form an integrated appearance. The size is accurate, the tolerance  is reduced, and the organic coordination with other components is achieved.Achieve excellent waterproof performance  6, aluminum alloy base  The use of high-quality aluminum, surface  brightening treatment, smooth appearance  The structure design comprises a combined  slot with a PC pipe, an integrated switch power supply preparation and  installation groove, and a wall mounting clamping element.  Installation and maintenance of  construction is simple, safe and reliable  7, special gold plated data waterproof  connection head  Because of the high demand for the data  signal is very high, so the design of waterproof connection head is also quite  particular about  Carefully designed spiral locking type  waterproof structure, convenient operation, reliable performance  The connection head waterproof washer is  made of high elasticity and weather resisting silica gel, and has the  characteristics of high elasticity, anti ageing and so on.  The metal plug and plug terminals are made  of high quality copper and the surface is plated with gold, the oxidation  resistance is strong, and to ensure the strong contact and excellent electrical  conductivity.  Special anti - oxidants are added in the  waterproof joint to improve moisture and water resistance.  8, copper wire waterproof screw  Hollow conical tightening design, outer  spiral locking type waterproof structure  Inner and outer double water proof washer,  hollow conical silica gel through coil  All copper material, chrome plating on the surface,  no rust, high twist strength

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