Solar Street Light

Anern provides the most ideal outdoor LED anern lightingand indoor LED anern lighting solution which can meet the requirements for uses in different application conditions and environmental conditions. Purchase Anern LEDflood lightswith direct factory supply at the best prices here.

Solar LED street lights are a solar solution that replaces traditional street lights by combining solar powered security light with remote controlsources. Solar panel street lights can not only meet the basic functions of lighting, but they can also provide brightness that can reach 2-3 times the brightness of the traditional ones. Moreover, the power consumption of solar-powered street lights is also much lower than traditional types. In terms of service life, theoretically the solar street lights lifespan is 1-2 times of traditional street lights. So solar street lights have become the priority choice for road lighting construction in the world. As one of the professional solar street lights manufacturers in china, Anern can offer you high-quality solar street lighting system and solar-powered street lights at good prices. Feel free to contact us now!

Types of Solar Street Light for Sale

AN-SL-X series solar street is the latest patented product in 2021. This series of products uses double-sided high-efficiency Monocrystalline solar panel, which can increase the power generation and e...

Double-Sided Solar Panel Solar Street Light(SL-X)

AN-SLA series is the best solar street lightmodel independently developed by Anern. This series adopts the most popular all-in-one design, being customized with a new appearance design. Its biggest...

Adjustable LED Module All In One Solar Street Light (SLA)

AN-SL series is the first all-in-two 40w solar led street lightdeveloped by Anern. The advantage of the all-in-two 60w solar led street lightis that the size of the solar panel can be changed according to actual ap...

Adjustable Solar Panel Solar Street Light (SL)

AN-ISSL-M2 series is one of Anern’s most cost-effective classic all-in-one solar street lights. The appearance design of this series combines the shape of high-speed train, which is fashionable and b...

Classic All In One Solar Street Light (ISSL-M2)

AN-SSL-I series is the latest all-in-two solar street light developed by Anern in 2021. The market demand for semi-split solar street lights has been increasing continuously, but the products currentl...

All In Two Solar Street Light (SSL-I)

AN-SLZ series solar street lights are Anern’s latest patented integrated solar street lights released in 2021. These series solar street lights use huge LED module, which increase the quantity of lam...

Enlarged LED Module Solar Street Light(SLZ)

Advantages of Anern Solar Street Light

  • More than 10 years of practical experience insolar light street light.
  • Participated in large-scale solar lighting projects in more than 90 countries.
  • As a mature solar street light company, Anern has 20 product-related patents.
  • A complete product line from traditional split solar street lights to smart all-in-one solar street lights.
  • Have a professional pre-sales and after-sales team.
  • Provide scientific solar lighting solutions.

Solar led street light technical specifications

Illumination comparison

Using solar power, the street solar led lights can reach the same illuminance flux of 250W as the high-pressure sodium lamp, which greatly reduces the power consumption; while using high-pressure sodium lamps or mercury lamps, the power of the traditional street lights cannot be lower than 250W.

Electricity cost comparison

The electricity cost of using a 57W solar light street light in one year is only 20% of the electricity cost of using a 250W ordinary high-pressure sodium lamp in a year, which greatly saves electricity costs and is an ideal energy-saving product.

Use temperature comparison

Compared with ordinary street lights, the LED street lights produce lower temperatures during use, and continuous use will not produce high temperatures.

Safety performance comparison

The current high-pressure sodium lamps and mercury lamps on the market use high-voltage point poles to excite X-ray illumination, which contains harmful metals such as mercury, and harmful rays; compared with solar street lamps, street solar led lights are safe and low-voltage. They can greatly reduce the potential safety hazards during installation and use.

Environmental protection performance comparison

Ordinary street lamps contain harmful metals, and the spectrum contains harmful rays. In contrast, the solar street lamp LED street lamp has a pure spectrum, no infrared and ultraviolet rays, no radiation, no light pollution, and no harmful metals, and the waste can be recycled. It is a typical green lighting product.

Comparison of service life and quality

The average service life of ordinary street lights is 12,000 hours. Replacing street lights is not only costly but also affects traffic. Construction in tunnels and other places is especially inconvenient; the average life of solar light street lights is more than 50,000 hours.

Anern Solar Street Light Installation

Pour the foundation

Installation of solar street light components

Fix the pole on the foundation anchor bolts

FAQs of Anern Solar Street Light

Q Can solar street LED lights replace traditional street lights?

AThe design of Anern solar street light is completely in accordance with international road lighting standards. It can completely replace the traditional street light and has no wiring required, maintenance-free, long service life.

Q Where can solar LED streetlight be used?

AAs a professional solar light supplier, Anern has a different type of solar street light to meet international standards of highway road, or rural road, always has one option for you.

Q What are the main type of solar panel and battery used in the solar panel street light?

ASolar panel used imported high-efficiency Monocrystalline, the battery is new LifePo4 lithium battery.

Q What's the main different of different models?

AThe differences of Anern solar street lights are mainly in housing, solar panel, battery, and some special function.

Q How long is the lighting time of solar LED streetlight?

AAnern solar LED streetlight can be lighting for more than 12hours per day, and have a backup of at least 5 rainy days.

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