Canvas Beach Bag

Of course, we've all heard that age-old question at the supermarket: "Paper or plastic?" While there are certainly good reasons for choosing either one of them, anyone with an interest in protecting the environment knows that the best answer is "Neither." Plastic bags are non-biodegradable, meaning they'll sit in a landfill for centuries unless they're incinerated (which generates toxic gases). Paper bags, while biodegradable, can take decades to fully decay and contribute to deforestation. The superior alternative to paper or plastic is a re-usable canvas bag.The Canvas Beach Bag from Sincere Home Products features• a heavy canvas, with highlights available in your choice of several colors• self-fabric handles• an interior zippered pocket• your business logo or advertising slogan prominently displayed on a large imprint areaThe Canvas Beach Bag makes a great gift for anyone in your business circle with an interest in shopping more responsibly. Like all items from Sincere Home Products, it's guaranteed to arrive on or before the scheduled deadline and at the lowest available cost. Order yours today. Material: CanvasItem Size***:16" H x 22" W x 6" D

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