Customized Tungsten Carbide Products


Toonney has a professional technical team, who can help to create new materials and find new way to produce difficult items base on your special requirement. Any customization according to detail description or drawing are welcome! We not only make our best efforts to strictly control the quality in each step to ensure the stable good quality of current products but also focus on helping customers to find comprehensive solution in some complicated situations. So, don’t hesitate, tell us your requirement!

There are five samples of customized products:

Tungsten carbide ball:Tungsten carbide ball can cover wide industry area because of the different size. Small size tungsten carbide ball can be used as ball pen tip ball, large size can be used as the bearing ball, the important factors for bearing ball is friction coefficient and the accuracy. One customer from Japan who make precision machine, once ordered a special size ball which strictly indicate the friction coefficient and the accuracy, he changed several suppliers in one year, and finally got us. After two trial order, we’ve been cooperated in this item for more than 2years since the time he found us and the cooperation continues.

Tungsten carbide bar: One Germany customer got in touch with us in one exhibition we attended and he showed his interest in getting the tungsten carbide bar in our booth. He needs the bar to be not big but very long, the quality problems he suffered from former supplier usually focus on the perpendicularity, so at the very beginning, he emphasized this point to ensure the perpendicularity, our technical team specially have meetings on it, and tried two different ways to make it, finally creates the method to joint two bars together and make the joint point perfectly no any difference with other parts of the bar, and ensured by our strict inspection on the perpendicularity, the first sample we sent to customer has been approved. So we got the customer and we’ve been cooperating since then for many projects where thetungsten carbideproducts are needed.

Tungsten plate: Same as tungsten carbide bar German customer, we got in touch with each other in this years FEBTECH show, the customer’s booth is near ours. We saw the machine, and recommended our tungsten carbide plate to them, they tried, and place order. Because of our strict control in quality and the capability to produce qualified products, we gain customers and keep stable cooperation each other.

Packaging Details: Plastic bag, then protected in foam lay, finally to an outer carton.

Samples Matters: customized products always based on irregular customer special required, so the samples cost will be charged. Of course, customers also need to pay for the shipping fee. If your first order has a total amount which is more than 1000usd, we will pay back for your samples cost. Usually, the lead time of the samples will be within 7working days

Minimum Order Quantity: There is no minimum order quantity of customized products for the first trial order. But on the second order, the total amount of tungsten carbide blank should be not less than 1000USD.

Delivery Time: 7-15 working days


The specification of customized products are based on customers’ requirements.


Product name: Customized tungsten products

Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Toonney

Type: Customized tungsten products

Material: Tungsten carbide material

Tolerance: according to customers’ requirements

Surface treatment: according to customers’ requirements

Grade: according to customers’ requirements

Size: according to customers’ requirements

Port: Xiamen

Payment terms: FOB Xiamen


Customers can design and make their own products to be suitable for their working situation. So the application are widely available.


1. Customers can choose their favorite materials for their customized tungsten products.

2. Even though it’s customized product, Toonney tungsten carbide ball plant will try its best to finish the order as soon as possible. The delivery time can as shot as common tungsten products, about 7-15 days.

3. The application of customized tungsten products are really wide.

4. Toonney tungsten carbide bar plant has a professional team of designing and making to solve any problems happening during the designing and producing processes.

5. Toonney solid carbide boring bar plant uses 100% tungsten metallic virgin raw material with sub-micron grain size.

6. Toonney carbide boring bar factory applies high quality solid carbide with good wear resistance, high hardness and impact toughness.

7. Toonney carbide boring bar manufacturer can offer competitive price and various gradesof solid carbide boring rod.

8. Tungsten metallic material produced by Toonney tungsten plate plant has an outstanding chemical stability.

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