Synchro Press Brake

The Control Principle of CNC Synchro Press Brake :

According to the program of the manipulator in CNC, the corresponding action of the oil cylinder is controlled by the instruction of CNC to the proportional amplifier and the amplifier control proportional valve movement. It is different from ordinary press brake to force sliding block in the torque tube, the synchronization of the CNC press brake is realized by the balance of the hydraulic circuit. The complete closed-loop control system makes the stroke of the hydraulic cylinder constantly be monitored and regulated. Once the cylinder has been tilted, the CNC will quickly issue instructions based on the numerical value of the grating ruler on both sides of the cylinder, so that the proportional valve can adjust the action to keep the cylinder in sync. According to this principle, can achieve full load compression, and in the case of an oil cylinder with full load, another cylinder pressure is zero. At the same time, the sliding block can be tilted down to bend out the variable Angle of the workpiece, which is an unrealized function of the ordinary press brake. At the same time, the pressure in each working condition is adjusted automatically according to the parameters of CNC. It can be seen that there is no human factor to intervene in the whole working state of the press brake. But through CNC parameters, it can adjust and correct for each working condition. Because the position of oil cylinder is determined by the control system, it can realize the bending of different angles of the same mould, which makes the bending machine become a kind of flexible machine. Performance Characteristics of Synchronized Press Brake:

  1. 2. The automatic compensation system of nc oil cylinder deflection is used to overcome the influence of sliding block deformation on the quality of workpiece during the working process, ensuring the good straightness and bending Angle of the machining workpiece, compensation is automatically adjusted by nc system, which is convenient and accurate. 3. Fully functional backstop mechanism can be expanded to a maximum of 12 axes. 4. The fuselage of our electro hydraulic synchronous cnc press brake adopts steel plate welding, and then the clamping is installed, and the whole machining center of nc five-sided body machining center ensures the high rigidity and machining accuracy of the fuselage. 5. The hydraulic system adopts integrated hydraulic control system to reduce pipe installation, overcome the oil leakage phenomenon and improve the working stability of the machine tool, so as to make the machine shape simple and beautiful. The internal meshing gear pump is adapted to ensure that the overall system is low noise and long life. 6. The modules with unequal length can be assembled into a certain width according to the requirements of the workpiece to meet the processing needs of special workpieces. 7. Electronic can be equipped with automatic clamping device or quick clamping device and slotted mould to reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve production efficiency.

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