Stainless Steel Press Brake

The so-called stainless steel press brake is a press brake specially designed for folding stainless steel plates. For the processing of stainless steel plate, the length of the stainless steel plate is large, the strengthening precision is high, the working time is long, the demand of length and width of the working section are very high. The plate of stainless steel bend machine can be divided into an ordinary steel plate and stainless steel plate. The physical properties of stainless steel sheet bending machine: stainless steel keeps the surface clean, so its heat transfer is better than other metals with higher thermal conductivity. The technical standard of stainless steel plate: corrosion resistance of stainless steel plate, flexural processing performance and toughness of welding site, and excellent stamping process of welding parts.

The Performance Characteristics of Stainless Steel Press Brake:

The fuselage adopts the whole welding and the whole processing structure. The main parts of the fuselage are analyzed by ANSYS finite element analysis software, which ensures the reliability of the machine and the precision of the steel bending brake machine. The main oil cylinder on both sides of hydraulic steel sheet press brake broke through the stroke control mode of traditional mechanical baffle press brake and adopted the closed-loop control mode of German imported electro-hydraulic servo valve and imported grating ruler. The feedback accuracy of sliding block position is high, the operation is accurate and stable, the synchronization performance is good, the accuracy of bending precision and sliding block is high; The functional parts in the rear block are imported, which ensures the accuracy of the retaining material, and they can adopt a complete multi-post - retaining material of the rear - stop feeding mechanism according to customer demand; The hydraulic system of our steel bending machine uses the German imported integrated control system, which reduces the installation of the pipeline, and guarantees the stability of the machine, the appearance is simple and beautiful; The fuselage is equipped with C plates on both sides of the fuselage, and the high precision grating ruler is installed on the c-type plate, thus avoiding the influence of the bending precision of the fuselage of the fuselage during bending. The lower table has the automatic compensation mechanism of hydraulic deflection, which realizes the effective compensation of the blind zone, it has high cnc steel bending precision and long-term stability. The CNC system of our bending machine steel sheet adopts the special numerical control system of the imported electro-hydraulic servo press brake, which can realize the functions of bending angle graphics programming, angle correction compensation, automatic calculation and automatic adjustment of bending pressure, automatic calculation of deformation compensation of worktable, length of workpiece, bending pressure, opening distance, automatic backstop feeding.

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