Overview of Oil Pump Housing

The influence of automobile oil pump is to suck the gasoline out of the tank, through the pipeline and the gasoline filter pressure to the carburetor float room, so that the vehicle motor has enough power to start,so as to start the vehicle. Because of the automobile oil pump housing, the tank can be placed at away from the back of the car, below the motor.

Application of Oil Pump Housing

Petrol vehicle oil pump housing

The Specification of Oil Pump Housing

MaterialAluminum alloy :A380 ,ADC12

Casting ProcessHPDC

Die Casting Machine280~400T

Weight0.2~0.5 kg


Annual Volume200,000 per year

Porosity requirementsASTM E505 Level 2

Leakage test requirement0.3Mpa

ApplicationHybrid Electric Vehicle

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