Cold Rolled Steel Strip

Description of Cold Rolled Steel Strip

Strip steel has more stringent thickness tolerances than cold-rolled steel. Before rolling, cold rolled steel stripis pickled to remove surface impurities and ensure a clean, even finish. The strip does not shrink or creep at ambient temperature. Cold rolled steel strip is uniform lightweight steel that is easy to manufacture, transport and install. Although there are many tempering options, determining the right tempering for your project depends on your formability requirements.

Main Feature and Production Process of Cold Rolled Steel Strip

The rolling of the cold-rolled strip begins with the removal of the hot-rolled strip from the storage area, where the coil is usually set up and retrieved according to the rolling schedule by a fully automatic crane. The coil is first descaled in a continuous pickling line. The cleaned and oiled coil is fed to a cold mill, which is usually a four - to six-stand tandem mill with an opening reel at the entrance and a coiler at the exit. For example, when rolling from 2mm to 0.3mm, the first stand's cold roll rate is typically 35% and the final stand's cold roll rate is 15%. Due to the fact that strip temperatures can be as high as 200°C (390°F), proper cooling of strip and roll is essential. Heavy duty lubricants are also used to minimize friction in the roll gap.

Applications of Cold Rolled Steel Strip

Cold rolled steel strip is usually shortened to steel strip or cold rolled strip. It is a metal product and is commonly used in many applications in many industrial fields. Cold-rolled strip steel is a popular metal product in the automobile industry, which is pressed into body panels and other auto parts. You will find strip steel for refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers. The unique properties of strip steel also make it a popular building material.

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