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For more than 15 years, Packson Mold has become an excellent manufacturer that is enabled to make parts with high tonnage and large size thanks to our one-stop facility. We are keen to meet your injection molding needs with single and convenient sources. Thanks to our advanced equipment for tooling making and injection molding, Packson is able to handle all kinds of your needs of injection molding, mold making. Despite injection molding and mold making, we also specialized in making metal machining parts by CNC machines. We are proud to offer primary, comprehensive project management, leading-edge assembly line, product distribution, and logistics services that help you keep your company to be controlled well. Our mission has always been to assist customers to create high-quality parts with competitive prices and fast lead time. Learn more about how you and your business can take advantage of our services today.

Explore Packson's Injectionmolding services

Are you sourcing thecustom moldingsupplier? Does your project need a competitive price solution? Seeking a one-stop injection moulding expert? We Packson can help you to make these come true.

Advanced in-house facilities including three ISO class 8 injection molding rooms: One is a silicone molding room. Two are plastic injection molding room

More than 40 injection machines from 10 tons to 1000 tons for making sure your various needs of molding

Full experienced project team who is able to help you make the part from design to part delivery

Look For Professional Injection Mold Making

Here at Packson we help you design and make the mold. Transfer your great idea into reality. Then molding the future and molding the life.

Prototype Mold

2K Mold

Multi-cavities Mold

Precision Mold

Overmolding Mold

Silicone Rubber Mold

Custom Metal Machining Parts

Based on our cutting, grinding, lapping, and polishing capabilities, our machining centers can provide integrated solutions for machining small-diameter components with strict tolerance by fast lead time and competitive price.

CNC Metal Machining Parts

Mold Components

Custom Process From Packson

Your expert for a one-stop manufacturer who helps you convert your fabulous ideas into reality from design to finished molded parts and ship parts directly to you. Let's get start this with your part design drawing.


2D & 3D Drawing




Normally send quotation within 24 hours.


Design & Drawing Assessment

We will analyze your idea first and will send DFM to you first for helping you learn more about your idea and our capabilities.


Mold Design & Mold Processing

After confirming the solution of DFM we will start making mold design then start mold processing after we get your confirmation of mold design.

Checking Mold Trial Samples


Checking Mold Trial Samples

Reviewing samples and summarizing the issues of sample parts before mass production.


Mass Production

Equipped with automatical production line by manipulator's arm also secondary assembly line.



Providing various options of logistics according to the actual project situation.

See Why Customers Choose Packson

R&D Director-BD

I've worked with Packson for a couple of years now and found it's extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and trustworthy. Packson has been in important partner to our business in the development of a new product over that time.



I hold Packson in high regard as a professional and dedicated plastic injection molding manufacturer. Packson team's communication skills in English and understanding of the unusual industry-based English language of injection molding ensure they can converse easily with my team. They also have the ability to quickly understand new ways of doing things and adapting their skills accordingly.

Tooling Procurement Engineer-Aweco

Packson stays for "P"assionate, "A"mbitious, "C"apable, "K"osher, "S"incere, "O"utstanding, "N"ice.

Packson Moldis a professional injection molding company in china, we provide custom molding service, lsr moldingand etc. We have amassed considerable experience and understanding of the practical possibilities in this field. Contact us to know more.

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