Imaging Colorimeter and Photometer

Imaging Luminancemeter meets the various measurement needs of FPD, backlit keyboards, and LED lighting. RayClouds provides C-Series Imaging Colorimeter and L-Series Imaging Luminancemeter. C-Series Imaging Colorimeter provide excellent luminance and color measurement and L-Series Imaging Luminancemeter is ideal for high precision, high speed luminance measurement. Imaging Luminancemeter is based on a scientific-grade CCD sensor with high resolution. The sensor enables pixel-level measurements of the FPD and of backlight, keyboard characters, automotive panel luminance differences, and high-precision LED luminance and chromaticity measurements. Defects such as luminance spots, dark spots, and light leakage on the display screen can be detected.

Advantages of Imaging Luminancemeter

Multiple exposure and ND filters to achieve a wide range of measurement and up to 1000000:1 contrast. The XYZ filter and high-pixel CCD, similar to the visual effect of human eyes, can measure and analyze luminance and chromaticity of various display such as smarts and FPD with high speed and precision. Imaging luminance meter specialized software provides users with the most productive software environment. Whether it is simple or in-depth analysis, all the results and analysis functions of the software can achieve efficient automation.

Imaging Luminancemeter Applicaiton

It is widely used in FPD uniformity test, mobile backlight, automotive display, luminance and color analysis, LED lighting product analysis, etc.

Based on the specific requirements of customers. We not only provide various standard , but also provide a customized system integration solution.

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