Permanent NdFeB Arc Magnets

Products IntroductionNdFeB magnet, the third generation of rare-earth permanent magnet, is the most powerful and advanced permanent magnet today.NdFeB is named as"Magnet King"for its high remanence, high energy. Moreover, it has high performance and high cost ration,because of the rich rare earth resources in China and the ever-changing production process and technological progress. It can be easily formed into various sizes and different shapes, such as segment, ring, block,etc.MaterialSintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron ( NdFeB )SizeVarious kinds or according to customers' requestShapeCustomized  (block,disc,Cylinder, Bar, Ring,Countersunk, Segment, hook, cup, Trapezoid, Irregular shapes ,etc)PerformanceCustomized (N33 N35 N38 N40 N42 N45 N48 N50 N52 …...)CoatingCustomized (Zn, Ni-Cu-Ni, Ni, Gold, Silver, Copper, Epoxy, Chrome, etc)Size tolerance±0.05mm for diameter /thickness, ±0.1mm for width/ lengthMagnetizationThickness Magnetized, Axially Magnetized, Diametrically Magnetized, Multi-poles magnetized, Radial Magnetized. (Customized specific requirements magnetized)Max. Working TemperatureGradeMax. Operating TemperaturesN35-N5280°C (176°F)33M- 48M100°C (212°F)33H-48H120°C (248°F)30SH-45SH150°C (302°F)30UH-40UH180°C (356°F)28EH-38EH200°C (392°F)28AH-35AH220°C (428°F)ApplicationsNeodymium(NdFeB) Magnet are widely used in many fields, such as motors,sensors, micros, wind turbines, wind generators,  printer, switchboard, packing box , loudspeakers, magnetic separation, magnetic hooks, magnetic holder, magnetic chuck, etc.Products ApplicationA) Electro-acoustic field: Such as loudspeaker, head, ear, stage sound device, alarm, micro and so on. Because of good performance, our magnets can provide sound equipment better sensitiveness and susceptibility.B) Electric products: Permanent magnetic actuator vacuum circuit breaker, magnetic latchingrelay, watt-hour meter, watermeter, sensor, reed switch and so on.C) Motor areas: VCM, CDVD-ROM, generator, electromotor, servo motor, vibration motor, step motor, DC motor, linear motor and so on. Our magnets with stable performance and high HCJ can work under high temperature which can guarantee your products work better.D) Mechanical equipment: Magnetic separator, magnetic holder, and other magnetic machines.E) Health care: Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, medical apparatus and instruments, Magnetic therapy and health care products, fuel-saving magnetizer and so on. Our stable permanent magnets used in health care areas will make people healthier.F) Other fields: Bags magnets, toy magnets, craft gifts and packaging, doors and windows magnets, magnetic locks, magnetic holding devices and so on.Packaging & ShippingPackage:Vacuum or Anti-magnetic cartonsShipping:By sea or by air(1) By air: DHL around 3~10 days(2) By sea: Around 20~25 daysWhy choose us● 12 years experience in magnetic products;Advanced facilities and Nattiness Production environment;Six production lines, over 3000 tons output per year● R&D solutions and Sourcing ability;High accuracy inspection equipment to measure the parameters of our products;● Consistent&Quality supply chain;Strict QC procedures through out the whole production run; ASTM, CE and ROHS standards meet.● 7/24 full time service&on time delivery;Professional Anti-magnetic packaging;Totally safe for Air&Sea Shipping FAQ1.Q: What information do I need to supply when I have an inquiry?A: If you have any inquiry, please kindly advise the following items:Dimensions, sizes, shape and drawing with tolerances.Material grade or magnetic properties.Magnetic direction, quantity. Surface coating (if necessary). 2.Q: What about the sample time and charge?A: (1) 7-10 days if you want to customize your logo, charge according to your design.(2) 3-7 days for our existing samples for reference. 3.Q: What about the delivery time of our products?A: 10-15days.Fast Delivery  when you choose the item and decide your design, we can produce it as fast as possible, and deliver it as quick and convenient as possible.4.Q: What is your MOQ?A: pcs etc. depend different size ,item, design and process. MINI and SMALL quantity are acceptable accordingly.5.Q: What is your terms of payment ?A: Payment<=1000USD, 100% in advance. Payment>=1000USD, 30% T/T in advance ,balance before shipment. Other payment: L/C,D/A,D/P,Paypal.Flexible&more open options are available for our loyal clients.

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