Double convex lens

Like Plano-convex lens, double convex lenses have positive focal lengths and form both real and virtual images. Symmetry is assured by finishing both surfaces with the same tool. Because of symmetry, aberrations including coma, distortion and lateral chromatic aberration almost exactly canceled at unit conjugate radio. Double convex lenses have shorter focal lengths than Plano-convex lenses of equal diameter and surface radius.



Optical glass, Fused silica, CaF2, Si, Ge, etc.



Diameter tolerance:


Clear aperture:

> 90% of diameter

Center thickness:

Thickness tolerance:



2 - 50000mm

Radius tolerance:



30 arc seconds

Surface quality:

20-10 scratch and dig




with or without AR coating


Protective bevel

l Capability is subject to the change of material used and dimension.

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