As one of the specialized gpon suppliers, gpon vendorsand gpon manufacturers, the GPON provided by Primus IT has three advantages: the first transmission distance is longer, the use of optical fiber transmission, the coverage radius of the access layer can reach 20 kilometres; the second can provide a higher bandwidth, 2.5G downstream / 1.25 upstream per user G (physical layer); the third optical splitting characteristic is strong, can lead to the multi-channel to the home optical fiber from a single fiber at the office end after splitting, saving optical fiber resources.

The Difference Between EPON And GPON OpticalFiber Networks

EPON and GPON are two typical passive optical networks (Passive Optical Networks, PONs), which belong to short-distance optical cables. They are often used in urban areas to realize Internet surfing, Internet voice and digital TV signal transmission. They can also be used in cellular base stations. Backhaul connection, Wi-Fi hotspot communication, and even distributed antenna array. The biggest difference between the two is that the download and uplink communication protocols are different.

GPON uses wavelength division multiplexing refereed to as WDM technology to make uploading and downloading at the same time. Usually, the download uses a 1490nm optical carrier, while the upload selects a 1310nm optical carrier. If you need to transmit TV signals, it will also use a 1550nm optical carrier. EPON is fully compatible with other Ethernet standards, so when connected to an Ethernet-based network, no conversion or encapsulation is required, and the maximum payload is 1518 bytes.

For generally applications, GEPON router with 1 PON and 1 Gigabit port. EPON does not need to use the CSMA/CD access method in some Ethernet versions. In addition, because Ethernet transmission is the main method of local area network transmission, there is no need for network protocol conversion in the process of upgrading to a metropolitan area network.

GPON Onu DeviceFunctions

The gpon optical networktechnology of passive optical fiber transmission is mainly composed of OLT (Optical Line Terminal), ODN (Optical Distribution Network), and ONU (Optical Network Unit). ODN provides optical transmission means for OLT and ONU. It consists of a passive optical splitter and a passive optical combiner. It is a passive device that connects OLT and ONU. The transmission of upstream data is uniformly controlled by the OLT. The ONU transmits user data according to the time slot allocated by the OLT to avoid data transmission conflicts generated by the ONU. The ONU inserts uplink data in its own time slot according to the time slot allocation frame, which realizes the sharing of uplink channel bandwidth among multiple ONUs. Primus IT provides a variety of customized solutions, including 5g, 10g gpon to sfp, from configuration designing, programming and coding solutions to fit our customer's gpon onu device needs. In addition,

Combo PONmakes it easy to upgrade to 10G PON services by supporting the GPON user base.

Advantages of GPON System Technology

GPON is very popular in the optical fiber market. As an established gpon supplier, Primus IT has been closely monitoring the market.In addition to its advanced technology, it also has the following advantages:

There are many optical transceiver manufacturersin China, but we are one of the best choice for you.

As one of the most professional fiber optic transceiver manufacturers, Primus IT specializes in the development and manufacture 100 bases to 400G optical transceivers ( GBIC / SFP / SFP+/ SFP28 / QSFP+ / QSFP28/ XFP / XENPAK / X2 / CFP / CFP2 / AOC / DAC etc.) and provides cost-effective transceivers solutions for customers worldwide in data communications, long-distance transmission, wireless networking and more.

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