Field Fence

Field Fence

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Material:Galvanized Iron Wire

Surface treatment: Hot dip galvanized(high zinc coating: 200g/m2; common zinc coating: 50-60g/m²)

Features:Made by automatic machine, it enjoys perfect structure, good appearance, corrosion resistance & stretching resistance etc.


Specification for Field Fence
No. Specifications and Hole Sizes Gross Weight (kg) Top and Bottom Wire Dia.(mm) Inner Wire Dia.(mm)
Type Specifications(the incremental vertical hole sizes)
1 7/150/813/50 19.3 2.5 2
2 8/150/813/50 20.8 2.5 2
3 8/150/902/50 21.6 2.5 2
4 8/150/1016/50 22.6 2.5 2
5 8/150/1143/50 23.6 2.5 2
6 9/150/991/50 23.9 2.5 2
7 9/150/1245/50 26 2.5 2
8 10/150/1194/50 27.3 2.5 2
9 10/150/1334/50 28.4 2.5 2
10 11/150/1422/50 30.8 2.5 2

Applications:Field fence is a kind of mesh used in cattle, goat, deer and pig. It is used for grassland, pastures, protection of ecological projects, protecting grassland, forestry, farming sectors, highway mitigation fencing and environment.

Features:Have quick setup and take down with all different support components such as locking clips, wheels gates hinges etc.; We have many years producing & exporting experience, so guarantee the good quality and have the competitive price.

The field fence is also known as the cattle fence. It is made of high strength steel wire and galvanized wire by automatic mechanical twisting. It has the advantages of novel structure, firmness, precision, smooth web surface, uniform mesh, strong integrity, high toughness, corrosion resistance and long service life. Even under partial pressure, it will not loose or break. It is mainly used for grassland construction in pasturing areas, and is designated for grazing and grazing. At the same time, it is also suitable for farmers and livestock farmers to establish farms.

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