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Type-A:countersunk pot magnets,countersunk magnetic pots, countersunk cup magnets, countersunk holding magnet, countersunk Neodymium pot magnets, countersunk NdFeB Pot Magnets, cup magnets with countersunk holeMany types of permanent magnetic pots /pot magnets available on the market of magnets assemblies. Under this category, we just introduce you countersunk pot magnets. Specially neodymium countersank pot magnets under permanent magnets assemblies. Countersunk pot magnet is just flat round base pot magnet with the countersunk hole in the center.We usually make the countersunk pot magnets by fix 90 degrees countersunk ring NdFeB magnets into flat round steel cups, there is the same size hole in the center of the steel cup. The countersunk hole is suited for the screw to fix the countersunk pot magnets onto other objects. Only NdFeB magnets in the cups can guarantee the maximum magnetism. The steel cups protect the neodymium magnets and prevent the magnets from damage. With the steel covered, the magnetic force of the magnets inside is more powerful. After covered by steel cups, only one magnetic surface of the magnets can be used to hold objects.Because of this, it called monopole magnet.Based on varieties on the magnetic material used for countersunk pot magnets, we also have these ceramic countersunk pot magnets and SmCo countersunk pot magnets for choosing.Our neodymium countersunk pot magnets can even hold more weight than others, because we use standard high-performance NIB magnets for each assembly. NdFeB countersunk pot magnets have the maximum magnetic force, but the cost is more expensive compared with ferrite countersunk pot magnets and ceramic countersunk pot magnets. If you do not need so strong magnetic force, it’s better to use ferrite countersunk pot magnets.The countersunk pot magnets made by meank magnetic can be found anywhere today. The products can be used for exhibition and display. Also used on the wall and roof to hold metal objects.
company:NingBo BeiLun Meank Magnetics Co.,ltd.

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