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Advantages: highest coercive force; highest working temperature; good temperature stability

Disadvantages: price is too expensive

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Product Description

The same as neodymium magnets, Samarium Cobalt magnets are also rare earth permanent magnets, which short as SmCo magnets. It is an alloy of Samarium, Cobalt and other rare earth elements. SmCo permanent magnets successfully developed in the year 1970, it is the second strong rare earth permanent magnets, which have the highest BH(max) and Coercivity.

It's working temp. can up to 350 degrees, no limit below 0 degrees. Its temperature stability and chemical stability are all better than neodymium permanent magnets for working temp. that more than 180 degrees. So compared with neodymium magnets, SmCo magnets are more suitable to work under high temperature, and used to make high property permanent magnetic motors, and used to make the magnets application products which suit for a very special working environment. There are two component of for SmCo magnets, Sm1Co5 magnets, and Sm2Co17 magnets.

Because of its good ability of resist corrosion,surface protection treatment not needed for SmCo magnets. SmCo magnets have strong ability of anti-corruption and antioxidant, so it widely used in different magnetic transmission gear, transducer, instrument, meters etc.

The features of SmCo magnets:

The main harms of rare earth SmCo magnets:

1,Samarium Cobalt magnets are easy to peel and broken. When handle with SmCo magnets, must wear goggles.

2,The samarium cobalt magnets impact together may cause the smco magnets to shatter, which can lead to potential dangers.

3,To make samarium cobalt magnets is called sintering process, like all sintered magnets(for example sintered NdFeB magnets and sintered ferrite magnets),the interior is very easy to produce cracks. The SmCo magnet has no mechanical integrity, only has the preparation of magnetic field function. Therefore, the whole system must be to give sufficient mechanical reliability design in mechanical system.

As the smco magnet manufacturers, we can provide best product, if you need please contact us.

The manufacturing process for SmCo magnets:

Compounding → smelting → milling → compression → sintering → magnetism testing → grinding → cutting → finished products.

Our advantages on producing Samarium Cobalt magnets (SmCo magnets):

1, We're leader China SmCo magnets supplier , our company have advanced produce and test equipment for SmCo magnets, we can produce all series SmCo magnets with different shapes.

2, We can make maximum size of 120x120x100 with full magnetized.

3, We can mass produce high grade/performance SmCo magnets, and high stable SmCo magnets

4, We can produce multipoles SmCo magnets.

Friendly Reminding: Welcome to order and use our company's SmCo magnets, we'll try the best to supply the high-quality SmCo magnets at cheap price, please pay attention to the following matters when you use SmCo magnets:

1, Sintered SmCo permanent magnetic material has great brittleness, lack of ductility, therefore, it is not suitable for structural parts.The mechanical and physical properties of 1:5 SmCo magnets is better than 2:17 SmCo magnets, slightly easier to process, Sm2Co17 magnets are more brittle. Magnetized SmCo permanent magnets must be taken carefully one by one in the process of assembling, keep the SmCo magnets away from the iron so as not to collide and break the magnet, and avoid two pieces of magnets attract, collide, damage, cause harm to human body.

2, Sintered SmCo permanent magnets will produce small corner because of slight collision during the process of production,packing, and transportation, which affect the appearance of SmCo magnets, but does not affect the stability and resistance to demagnetization of the magnets, so it can be used normally.

3, If you want to use SmCo magnets in acid-base environment and another bad environment, we can do electroplating treatment on the magnets, we can make Nickel-coated SmCo magnets, Zinc-coated SmCo magnets, Epoxy-coated SmCo magnets etc

4,For the users need un-magnetized SmCo magnets, must be familiar with the magnetizing energy of their own magnetizing equipment, in order to choose the correct magnet grades which can be completely full magnetized.

Ningbo Beilun MeankMagnetics Co., Ltd is located in the home of Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets -Ningbo City, we engaged in production of rare earth neodymium magnets over 10 years. After so many years development in the field of rare-earth permanent magnets, we not only produce the highest grade NdFeB power magnets, but also make different kinds of magnets assemblies(such as holding magnets, pot magnets, separate magnets and kinds of magnetic tools).

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