Sihoo Office Chair

What office chairs mean to white-collar workers equals to what weapons mean to soldiers. A good office chaircan not only improve work efficiency, but also ensure the health of users. For more than ten years, we have been striving to design every office chair by following the ergonomic principles. At the same time, as an ergonomic office chair manufacturer, we reduced the manufacturing cost by optimizing the production process. How to improve the quality of human life by furniture innovation? Our answer is, office chair with excellent design+reliable quality+reasonable price.

Different Types of Sihoo Office Chair

Boss Chair

Sihoo V1 Ergonomic Comfortable and Stylish Adjustable Recliner Executive Office Chair

Sihoo X1 High Back Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair

Sihoo A2B Black Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair with 3D Armrest and Neck Support

Sihoo A7 Comfortable Stylish Gray Ergonomic Executive Office Chair for Proper Posture

Sihoo B7 Grey Ergonomic Adjustable Drafting Fabric Manager Office Chair

Sihoo M97B High Back Mesh Ergonomi Chair with Comfortable Headrest and Back Support

Staff Chair

Sihoo M18 Ergonomic Black Adjustable Fabric Office Chair With Armrests and Mesh Back

Sihoo M56 Ergonomic Black Mesh High Back Rolling Office Chair with Arms

Sihoo M57 High Quality Ergonomic High Back Black Swivel Office Chair With Arms

Sihoo M60 Blue Mesh Ergonomic Office Computer Chair for Sitting Long Hours

Sihoo M90B Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair with Adjustable Footrest and Lumbar Support

Sihoo M91A Grey Frame Ergonomic Guest Office Chair with Adjustable Arms, Lumbar Support and PP Base

Conference Chair

Sihoo M59 Grey Ergonomic Conference Chair with Wheels and Adjustable Armrests for Small Space

Sihoo M59B Grey Ergonomic Compact Conference Room Chair

Sihoo M76 White Frame Grey Mesh Ergonomic Conference Office Chair for Short Person with Adjustable Armrest

Visitor Chair

Sihoo M77C Ergonomic Red Small Size Whole Mesh Reception Office Chair

Sihoo S1C Ergonomic Pink Office Chair with Arm Small Size for Short Person

The Ergonomics of a Good Office Chair

How to define a good seat? Experts from Sihoo Ergonomics Institute believe that we should start with understanding the sitting posture. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, various new devices are applied to people's daily work and life, and the sitting posture will also change accordingly with the changes in the equipment and working methods.

SMS Input

Smart Move

Lean Back

Curled Up

Sit And Stand Touch

Bend Forward

Lean Forward

Lie Flat And Supine

How Sihoo Office Chair Help Adjust Your Sitting Posture and Seat

Sitting posture is a natural posture of the human body. It can avoid muscle fatigue, reduce the energy consumption of the human body, and also help the operator to adopt a more stable posture to perform various delicate and fine motor tasks. However, long-term poor sitting posture will also have many disadvantages to human health, such as lumbar muscle strain, spinal lesions, and poor blood circulation. Therefore, a good seat design must take into account the static and dynamic dimensions of the human body, provide users with good support and guidance in different sitting postures.

fully ergonomic chair

Make the user's gravity distribution reasonable and relax the muscles.

ergo chairs

The thighs are approximately horizontal, with both feet on the ground naturally.

ergonomic studio chair

Support your body in multiple dimensions and correct your sitting posture.

ergonomic chair mesh seat

Multifunctional adjustment, more

convenientfor posture change.

If you are looking for a reliable ergonomic chair factory, please contact us, and we will be your best partner.

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