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RF (radio frequency) ID (identification) card is also called contactless IC card or proximity chip card. It consists of a chip and an antenna that are sealed in a card made of standard PVC, ABS PET material or other material without any exposed parts. The read-write process is fulfilled by the radio wave between IC coupled resonator circuits and reader. The RF protocols are ISO/IEC14443 (A /B /C…/F /G), ISO/IEC15693 and ISO/IEC18000-3 etc.

RFID Cards Features

Normally the radio frequency can be LF (low frequency), HF (high frequency) or UHF (ultra high frequency).

Low frequency: 125 - 134 KHz

High frequency: 13.56 MHz

Ultra high frequency: 433 - 869 - 915 MHz

The identify RFID card typecomplying with these protocols are called RFID LF cards, RFID HF cards and RFID UHF cards accordingly. Sometimes a RFID composite card sealed with both LF and HF chip/antenna together can work on both LF and HF frequencies.

The RFID card (radio frequency identification card) looks as same as a standard member card including all of the card accessories such as magnetic stripe, signature panel and other customized items. Except for the usual personalization information as serial number, bar code and QR code, the RFID cards generally has the UID (unique identity) code printed on surface for recognition.

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