RFID UHF (860MHz – 960MHz) Plastic Card With Full Color Printing For Access Control And Tracking Sys

What is UHF RFID?


RFID UHF (Ultra High Frequency) is a proximity card on the radio frequency spectrum that operates between 860 MHz and 960 MHz.

The long reading distance up to several feet is the advantage of cheap uhf rfid. The long-distance read and write capabilities provide the ultimate in fast and accurate positioning, and RFID UHF anti-collision technology allows more uhf rfid solutionsto be read simultaneously that is widely used in shipping warehousing, waste management, toll collection systems and access control systems.

Long Range RFID CardApplications

Access card

Attendance card

Parking card

Toll card

RFID UHF Card Specifications






CR80 (85.7mm x 53.9mm)

Working frequency

860 - 960 MHz

UHF chip options




Power supply mode


Working temperature

-25C to 50C

Reading distance

Up to 6m depending on the reader


100,000 cycles


760 /860 /880 /900micron


glossy /matt /frosted


offset (CMYK)

silk screen ( spot color, metallic, highlight UV varnish)

Magnetic stripe

LoCo 300oe /HiCo 2750oe

3 tracks, 12.7mm width

Black, Gold, Silver

Signature panel

White/ Transparent


UID printing (ink jet, D.O.D, laser engravement)

Numbering (serial, barcode, QR code)

Encoding (magnetic stripe)


Neutral packaging

200 cards per unit box

2,000/ 3,000/ 5,000 cards per master carton

Gross weight

32kg per master carton (5,000 cards)


Shanghai STAR TREND Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 and in a few years it became a fast-growing RFID card manufacturerof plastic card, RFID card and RFID solutions in Shanghai, China.

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