RFID tags are used in the apparel retail, washing, transportation, animal husbandry, horticultural, environmental, and logistics industries.

Compared with RFID sticker products, RFID tag solutionsare made in a wide range of materials. In order to meet the specific application requirements of different industries, such as the temperature and humidity of the operating environment, whether it is subject to the interference of materials used, whether there are requirements for security and anti-theft, we have adopted a targeted product design, so that the unique RFID tags fully meet these needs.

With the development and application of Internet of Things technology, more traditional industries are joining the world of RFIDcard tag, and more and more requirements are placed on the manufacture and update of RFID tags. We are willing to accept the challenge and develop more wholesale rfid tagsfor our customers.

If you want to know more about different rfid tags, just contact us! Shanghai STAR TREND Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 and in a few years it became one of the fast-growing suppliers of plastic card and RFID productsin Shanghai, China.

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