PP Spunbond Non-Woven Fabric

PP Spun bondnon woven fabrics/ non-woven fabric: pp spunbondare mainly used for outer and inner materials of surgical and medical face masks.

The Overview of PP Spun Bond Non-Woven Fabric

Non woven fabric pp spunbondis one of types of spunbond medicalpolypropylene fabric, which are mainly used for outer and inner materials of surgical and medical face masks. Because of its softness, environmental protection and practicability, it is often used to make surgical masks, medical clothing, medical caps, round caps, and various protective face masks, household face masks. It is also used in other medical and health industry and back fabric of other non-woven fabrics.

The non-woven face masks are used to prevent the spread of influenza in spring and seasonal pollen allergies. It brings great convenience to family life and increases people's comfort in life.

Polypropylene cloth(pp spunbond fabric) is made bypolypropylene fabric.

We are professionalPP non woven fabric manufacturer,non woven polypropylene fabric suppliersand non woven polypropylene spunbond fabricmanufacturer.

The Specification of PP Spun Bond Non-Woven Fabric

Weight: 11g/sm-150g/sm

Width: 1.6m,1.8m,2.4m,3.2m

Machine Type: SS and SSS

Colors: All Colors Available

Length: By Request

Packing: Wrap Film

Material: 100%Virgin PP

Width Tolerance: ±3mm

Weight Tolerance: ±0.5g/sm

Split Joint Times: ≦1

Polymer Clump: ≦2 PCS/50㎡

Embossing: Diamond Type

Loading Port: Shanghai China

20GP/40HQ Q'ty:4 Tons/10.5Tons

Brand Name: SENCI


MOQ: White 1 Ton, Color: 2 Tons

Supply Ability: 1000 T/Month

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PP Spunbond Features

Fuyang Sensitrading company insists on purchasing raw material only from one polypropylene factory and we only use 100% virgin polypropylene, this makes sure the polypropylene's melt index is stable and invariant, the quality of non-woven fabric produced by stable melt index polypropylene is also stable.

Our factory imported the hyperfine spinneret from Japan and uses advanced fiber drawing technology, these make the extruded pp fiber is super slim. The nonwoven fabrics made by such kind of microfiber is thinner and smoother, the tensile strength of both machine direction and cross-machine direction are all better than any other factory, especially the tensile strength of machine direction can reach 1.1 to 1.5 times of gram weight.

The surface of our fabric looks fine and closely to woven, the hand feeling is more soft and comfortable.

Besides, we produce a color masterbatch by ourselves. So our colored fabric is bright-colored and stable and no color difference between old and new orders.

After the non-woven fabric production is completed, we use the transparent wrap film packing the rolls, it avoids dust and hair, mosquitoes entering the non-woven roll. This also meets the requirements of sanitary products.

Besides spun bonded non woven polypropylene, we also supply meltblown BFE 99 meltblown, N95, N99 meltblown and KF80, KF94, KF99 meltblown, nose strip, earloop and active carbon non woven fabric.

PP Non Woven Application

Medical, Personal Care &Hygiene: Diaper, sanitary napkins, medical caps, shoe cover, surgical gown, Isolation Gown, operating coat, disinfecting bag, disposable health cloth, etc. Surgical face masks, surgical dressing, medical face masks, bed sheet, table-cover, operation gown, laboring garments.

Our factory has a standard dust-free workshop with ultraviolet insecticidal facilities. It ensures that these non-woven fabrics which used for medical disposables products are clean and non-polluted, we never add calcium carbonate or recycled pp clips into pp raw material when producing nonwoven. So our non-woven hand feeling is soft, tensile strength is far beyond the requirements of industry standards.

Apparel & Accessories: Coveralls, pillowcases, Airlines Headrests(Flame Retardant) garment interlining. Clothing, all kinds of synthetic leather base cloth, etc.

We can produce flame retardant non-woven, which are widely used in airline seat headrests covers or decoration materials for aircraft interior, with the characteristics of clean, hygiene and fire retardant, the flame time of dripping material less than 8 seconds and burning material length less than 8 inches, can pass FAR25.853 test standard.

Agriculture: Crop Covers, Weed Control Fabrics, Nursery Over Wintering, Roots Bags, crop protection fabrics, nonwovens for seeds breeding.

Anti-aging non-woven fabrics can be produced by adding advanced UV-stable raw materials into the polypropylene. This kind of non-woven is widely used in weed control in agriculture, seeds breeding, crop protection. The UV-stable non woven can be degraded in nature, it is environment-friendly and no residue.

Construction, Furniture & Bedding packaging: Roofing and Tile Underlayment, Sofa and Mattress Lining, Pipe Wrap, food packaging.

When produce non woven used for furniture packing, Our factory will use grainy formal polypropylene material instead of powder type polypropylene. The nonwoven fabric produced in this way has excellent pull strength, lint-free, wear-resistant, strong, this kind of nonwoven is widely used for furniture packing. The leather outside of the furniture is well protected and can be used for a long time and no odd smell.

PP Spunbond Fabric Types

Our pp spunbond non-woven types are hydrophilic and UV stable, Flame retardant non woven fabric, anti-static nonwoven.


The weight after water absorb is three times that of gram weight.

UV stable

It can be anti-aging half year to 1 year in the sunshine, mainly used in agriculture's weed control and crop protection.

Flame retardant

Can pass Europe aviation industry test standard FAR25.853.


Anti-static treatment mainly used in the electronic products industry, e-products packing, mainly completed products are the anti-static gown, anti-static table cloth.

Spunbond Fabric Description

Spunbond is produced in a process where polypropylene granules are melted and molten polymer is extruded through spinnerets. The continuous filaments are cooled and deposited on to a conveyor to form a uniform web. Calendering uses heat and high pressure applied through rollers to weld the fiber webs together at speed. This results in soft, uniform material with a textile feeling.

Sensi factoryis one of professional diaper raw material suppliers. We provide ES Non-Woven Fabric, Active Carbon Non woven Fabric and so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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