The circular Peanut frying machine is suitable for medium sized frying food processing plant.Applicable to Fried meat, aquatic products, vegetables, pasta, peanuts and other products.The Peanut frying machine has the function of feeding and discharging automatically.


Automatic feeding: Avoid the density problem of putting peanuts into the Peanut frying machine, the frying time is not uniform, and the frying effect is different.Avoid uneven oil pollution and spill oil on scalded workers to ensure the safety of operators;

Automatic unloading: through lifting, automatic frying and unloading, reducing the labor of workers.


  1. More heating options, such as electric heating, gas and coal;
  2. Automatic oil control, automatic discharge and automatic temperature control.
  3. Oil-water separation structure: automatic scrapping system is provided at the bottom of the Peanut frying machine to clean and lift the food residue to the outside of the Peanut frying machine

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