Missiles Cheap Lanyards

Missiles were also called as guided missiles, and it has a self-propelled system. The Missiles Cheap Lanyards is designed for it. Let’s explore more information of the customize lanyards.

The Missiles Cheap Lanyards is fabricated with polyester material with best quality. And it is applied to the dye-sublimated printing process for printing. The dye-sublimated printing process can achieve different design for high quality lanyards. On the surface of the Missiles Cheap Lanyards, there is logo and name of “MISS-ILES” filled with various color. The black background theme added with the graphic is the best design of the high quality lanyards. The metal j-hook was installed on the Missiles Cheap Lanyards, which can be used to hang your objects.

Designing lanyards is not an easy thing. You need a professional people to guide you for choosing the best one suit you. I want to introduce you GS-JJ. It is a company that has operated more than ten years to design Marching Band Lanyards and other Customize Lanyards.






Custom Lanyards Size: 0.75"*34"

Material: Polyester Fabric

Style: Dye-sublimated Lanyards

Printing Process: Dye-sublimated Printing

Attachment: Metal J-Hook    

Packaging: 50 or 100 pcs per bag

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