Bunny Boy Custom Lapel Pins

"Bunny Boy Custom Lapel Pins is the boys enamel pins of our latest couple lapel pins. The boy wear the same bunny suit. And you can see the boy have very strong body. But he face is small and handsome. Our latest couple lapel pins take very unique image design so that you can’t find the second from others. It have a little bit strange but more individuation and creativeness. Our Bunny Boy Custom Lapel Pins is made by hard enamel pins with black nickle finish. And our designer add the cut out pins craft into this Enamel Pin, make it have a special details to increase the delicacy of Custom Enamel Pins. If you like our couple pins or want to custom enamel lapel pins by yourself, please place order immediately. Because our Pin Design service is free to provide for our customer currently.

Size: 1.7""

Thickness: 1.2mm

Style:Hard enamel pins with cut out craft

Finish:Black nickel finish

Attachments:Butterfly clutch

Packaging: Individual Polybag

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