ETL DLC LED Panel Lights

Our5 Years Warranty LED Flat Panel Lightsare designed to quickly and easily upgrade existing fluorescent fixtures. The high performance LED source is mounted to ensure proper thermal management of the system. The design allows for a cooler running LED chip which leads to longer lifetime, better efficacy, and color consistency. They offer an energy-efficient way to illuminate any space using a fraction of the energy of a standard fixture. Moreover, they utilize edge lighting technology to enable ultra-thin and ultra-light fixtures with uniform lighting effect. They are designed for visual comfort and provide a pleasing environment.Ceiling Mounted LED Panel Light 2700Kconsumes less energy, putting money back into your budget. Besides, since these fixtures operate using LED diodes there are no tubes to replace, reducing maintenance and installation costs. Compared with fluorescents, the ceiling LED panel light achieves full brightness instantly without needing a warm-up time and use reflective materials to make the light output brighter.LED Commercial Kitchen Ceiling Lighting 600×600is a perfect piece of ceiling fixture you can get to light up your kitchen or dining room. It looks fashionable and modern to put on your kitchen. If you’re the type of person who adores the bright lighting and great function, you will fall in love with this type of lighting. It is very practical in kitchens as it attaches to the ceiling with little to no gap between the fixture and the ceiling. Such type of kitchen lighting is beneficial for many households, as it requires little cleaning and will never be in the way. TheLED Panel Lighting 2x2 Ftis a cutting-edge designed in the lighting industry and is considered to be a revolutionary replacement for traditional fluorescent troffer fixtures in both new construction and retrofit applications. The aluminum housing construction does better in heat dissipation, high efficient and uniform light output and Light color and soft. TheLED Panel Lamp 2x4 60Wis long-lasting as it is tested to continuously perform for more than 50,000 hours. It is 10 times of the traditional tube lights using only half the power consumption. This means once you install these lights you will not have to think about a replacement for at least 5.7 years. Moreover, the color rendering index is the measure of the LED Panel Lamp 2x4 60W's ability to render colors as it is truly supposed to be. OurLED 600 X 600 Panel Light Hanging Kitis also an excellent option for either home or commercial lighting applications, which is powered by a high-quality driver, delivering the maximum lumens evenly throughout the desired area.

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