QT - CB02 Solar energy automatic insect pest inspection lamp


  • LED displays air temperature and humidity, pointer shows instrument voltage and current;
  • The production and inspection in line with the GB/T 24689.1-2009 plant protection machinery standards;
  • Use optical, electric, and numerical control technologies, compatible with ATCSP plant diseases and pests inspection and prevention system;
  • Auto-on in the daytime and auto-off at night. Nighttime working status is not affected by instantaneous intense light ;
  • Use far-infrared light to process pest bodies rapidly (no poison bottle);
  • Insect chamber has an auto rotation system with gear drive, which ensures separate insect samples collected in 8 different time periods;
  • Rain control device can automatically manipulate the work of the whole lamp according to rainfall change;
  • Drainage device can effectively separate the insects from the rain;
  • Lamp functions include optical and rain control, far-infrared insect body treatment, daily insect body storage, LED displays air temperature and humidity;
  • Operation modes include power saving mode, regular mode, high-efficient mode, users can choose the appropriate operation mode according to the actual situation to achieve the balance between insect capture and power saving.
  • Technical parameters:

    Light trap

    20 w black light lamp (main wavelength 365 nm)

    Lamp body material

    GB32080-92 stainless steel structure,

    in accordance with GB/T4237

    Lamp support material

    GB3280-80 stainless steel

    Lamp dimension

    650 mm×650 mm×1900 mm

    Power supply

    DC 24 V; 24 V 100 W solar panels, 24 V 38 AH storage battery

    Power consumption

    Standby no more than 5 W, total power consumption no more than 300 W

    Startup time

    within 5 s

    Temperature control of far-infrared insect pest chamber

    85 ± 5 ℃ after 15 min of operation, processing time is adjustable (15 choices)

    Insulation resistance

    ≥ 2.5 MΩ, with a leakage protection device

    Far-infrared insect body treatment

    The fatality rate is no less than 98%, integrality of insect body is no less than 95%

    Hitting screen size

    the two hitting screens are with an Angle of 120 degrees, 595 ± 2 mm long, 213 ± 2 mm wide, 5 mm thick

    Design life

    ≥ 5 years


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