Progressive Die Stamping

As a professional progressive die manufacturer, ETCN provides progressive die tooling, petroleum equipment accessories, processes include stamping, CNC turning, thread processing, laser welding, laser marking, etc.

Progressive Die Stamping Capabilities

Stamping processing is the production technology of using the power of conventional or special stamping equipment to directly subject the sheet to the deformation force and deform in the mold, so as to obtain product parts with a certain shape, size, and performance. Sheet material, mold, and equipment are the three elements of stamping processing. Stamping is a metal cold deformation processing method. Therefore, it is called cold stamping or sheet metal stamping or stamping for short. It is one of the main methods of metal plastic processing (or pressure processing), and it also belongs to the material forming engineering technology.

Advantage of Progressive Die Stamping

  1. compound die stampingprocess has high production efficiency, convenient operation, and easy realization of mechanization and automation. This is because stamping is done by relying on punching dies and stamping equipment. The number of strokes of a popular press can reach dozens of times per minute, and the high-speed pressure can reach hundreds or even thousands of times per minute. It is possible to get a punch.

  1. Progressive stamping presscan process parts with a larger size range and more complex shapes, such as stopwatches as small as clocks, as large as automobile longitudinal beams, cage covers, etc., plus the cold deformation and softening effect of the material during stamping, and the strength and strength of the stamping the stiffness is high.

Progressive Die Stamping FAQs

Matters Needing Attention In Stamping Process Design

Common Problems In The Production Of Stamping Parts

Introduction To Stamping Processing Problems

Method To Restrain Stamping Parts From Turning Over And Twisting

Punching Size Is Too Large Or Too Small

Customized Progressive Die Stamping Parts


Copper cap

Fasten the shrapnel

Shaped Hinge

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ETCN is a professional progressive die companyand progressive die manufacturers, we provide CNC machining, metal stamping, progressive die forming, progressive die press, progressive and compound die, china cnc manufacturing, precision cnc machining chinaand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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Progressive Die Stamping
Progressive Die Stamping As a professional progressive die manufacturer, ETCN provides progressive die tooling, petroleum equipment accessories, processes include stamping,...
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