Oral Care Device

ACE-TEC Group is an experienced home beauty equipmentsupplier, this oral care products manufacturer has been committed to researching Facial cleansing series, beauty series, body care series, and oral series products; adhering to the core concept of professionalism, efficiency, and high quality for our products; it has established high-quality images and good sales records for many buyers and has Highly recognized by dozens of partners.We provide facial beauty equipment, face cleaning devices, silicone brush face cleanser, facial skin care devicesand so on.

Ace-tec is a reliable manufacturer offering oral care device. Our oral care productsuses the rapid rotation or vibration of the motor to generate high-frequency vibrations in the brush head, the vibration of the bristles can promote the blood circulation of the oral cavity and affect the gum tissue, and has a massage effect. We design it to clean our teeth while protecting our gum. If you have Fragile gum, choose our product! Contact us to get more information about our oral care systemand products.

Wireless Charging Electric Sonic Toothbrush TCB1

Check out the latest cordless electric sonic vibrating toothbrush with two replacement brush heads. It can provide automatic cleaning to your teeth for a better oral care system. We have got many positive reviews regarding this product. This product uses high-end sonic tech, which has also been used in many of our other products. We can also offer Body slimming massager, Facial skin care machines, and Face cleaning devices with high-end techs. Kindly check with us and learn more!

Toothbrush Designed For Sensitive Gums

Rounded bristles: No hurt to the root of the gums

3D bristles to fit the oral structure: Clean the blind area without residue

Imported food-grade Dupont bristles PA612: Reliable bristles, not easy to change shape

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