ADSS Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber Optic ADSS Cableis known as all dielectric self-supporting optical cable. Self-supporting ensures that the adss fiber optic cable has sufficient mechanical strength. The adss fiber cableapplies all dielectric material to withstand the impact of strong electricity in a high voltage and strong current environment.

As one of the professional fiber optic accessories suppliers, TUOLIMA can customize the self supporting fiber optic cable adssaccording to your requirements. If you need any technical support, we will also recommend the most suitable and cost-effective customized adss kabel for you according to the use environment, laying method and terminal customer requirements of the optical cable. Our adss wire and cable can be applied in many areas, for example use the adss aerial fiber optic cable in aerial industry.

Specification of ADSS Fiber OpticCable

Mechanical characteristic and test method

Tensile strength

conform to IEEEC standard P


conform to IEC 794-1-E3


conform to IEC 794-1-E4

Repeated bending

conform to IEC 794-1-E6


conform to IEC 794-1-E7


conform to IEC 794-1-E8

Cable bend

conform to IEC 794-1-E11

Water penetration

conform to IEC 794-1-F5B

Color coding

conform to EIA/TIA 598

Temperature requirement

operation: Installation

- 40 C~ +60 C

- 10 C ~ +60 C


- 40 C ~ +60 C

Temperature cycling test

conform to IEC 794-1-F1

Bending Radius


15 times of outer diameter


25 times of outer diameter

Characteristics of ADSS Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber Material


Mode field diameter (1310nm):

Mode field diameter (1550nm):

Cladding diameter:


Cut off wavelength of cabled fiber (ℷcc):


Attenuation at 1310nm:


Attenuation at 1550nm:


Bending loss at 1550nm (100 turns, 30mm radius):


Dispersion in the range 1288 to 1339nm:


Dispersion at 1550nm:


Dispersion slope at zero dispersion wavelength:


Details ofADSS Fiber Optic Cable









Number of fibers per tube(max)




Number of elements




Cable diameter



Cable weight




Max allowed operating tension




Short term crush




Max span with 1.0% installation sag



Advantages of ADSS Cable

lUninterruptible power supply erection

lAdopt PE/AT sheath, excellent resistance to erosion

lSmall cable diameter and lightweight help reduce the impact of ice, wind, and load on towers

lLarge span, maximum span≥ 1000 meters

lGreat tensile strength and high/low-temperature resistance

lService life is expected over 30 years

Packing and Comments of ADSS Fiber Optic Cable

lPacking material: Non-returnable wooden drum.

Both ends of the outdoor optical cable are securely fastened to the drum and sealed with a shrinkable cap to prevent ingress of moisture.

lCable printing: The sequential number of the cable length shall be marked on the outer sheath of the cable at an interval of 1meter ± 1%.

The following information shall be marked on the outer sheath of the cable at an interval of about 1 meter.

Cable type and number of optical fiber

Manufacturer name

Month and Year of Manufacture

Cable length

lDrum marking: Each side of every wooden drum shall be permanently marked in a minimum of 2.5~3 cm high lettering with the following:

Manufacture name and logo

Cable length

Fiber optic cable types and number of fibers


Gross and net weight

TUOLIMA is a professional fiber optic products supplier, we provide indoor fiber optic cable, outdoor fiber optic cableand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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