Custom Molded Rubber Parts

Zhongde provides professional and reliable custom injection molding services, and makes all the molds in-house. Our completed production line and various of manufacturing technologies enables us to undertake orders with high precision and complex-shape parts.

Injection Molding | Compression Molding

Cost-effective and high quality rubber moulding parts

Size from small to large, structure from simple to complex

With yeas of experience in manufacturing industrial molded rubber productsindustrial custom molded rubber products, Zhongde has became a professional custom rubber parts manufacturer. We introduced rubber injection machines and automatic machines for high volume orders, large vulcanized machines for big rubber pieces. With all the advanced machines, we can produce a wide range of compression molded parts, including oem rubber parts, pure rubber parts, rubber bonding metal parts, rubber moulded parts, rubber bonding plastic parts and fabric reinforced rubber parts.

Types of Custom Rubber Molding Parts

Rubber Parts

Zhongde has produce a board range of custom rubber parts: rubber grommet, gasket, plugs, etc. Including various material such as nr, epdm, silicone, fkm, nbr and many other rubber materials.

Rubber Bonding Metal Parts

Rubber to metal bonding offers manufacturers a way to create more complex parts, both small and large, for applications in a wide variety of industries,

Rubber with Fabric Parts

Reinforced fabric rubber can increase the strength of the products. We can make two-layer, three-layer or multi-layer fabric parts, and they can be evenly distributed in rubber products.

Rubber Bonding Plastic Parts

We have mature technology and can produce various rubber-coated products with various plastic materials. From small to large size, simple to complex structure, we can all realize.

Specification of Custom Moulded Rubber Products



Maximum Size



White, Black, Transparent, or according to Pantone No.



Surface Finishing

Glossy, Semi-gloss, Matte, Textured finish, As-machined


UV absorbers, Flame retardants, Plasticizers, Colorants, Carbon fibers, Glass fibers


Debossed, Embossed, Printing

Drawing Format

2D Drawing: PDF/JPG/PNG


Product Volume

50,000,000 Pcs/Month

Available Material for Compression Moulded Rubber Parts


Natural rubber, has good elasticity, high strength, and good insulation, but it is not resistant to oil, poor temperature resistance, and easy to age.


Nitrile rubber, has excellent aging resistance, good electrical insulation, good impact elasticity and oil resistance. But vulcanized plastics are slow and have poor self-adhesive and hot tear properties.


Good heat resistance, aging resistance and abrasion resistance. But the cold resistance, elasticity, tear resistance and other properties are poor, and the calendering deformation is large.


Chloroprene rubber has good heat resistance, aging resistance, cold and water resistance. However it has poor electrical insulation.


Silicone rubber is resistant to both high temperature (up to 300°C) and low temperature (lowest -100°C). It is currently the best cold and high temperature resistant rubber. It has excellent electrical insulation and high stability to thermal oxidation and ozone. Inertia. However, the mechanical strength is low, the oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance are poor, it is difficult to vulcanize, and the price is more expensive.


Fluorosilicone rubber has good heat resistance, cold resistance and high voltage resistance, also has good oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance. It can work for a long time at -55~+200℃.


Fluorine rubber, high abrasion resistance, has good light aging resistance, ozone aging resistance, radiation resistance, gasoline resistance, weak acid resistance, operating temperature range: -20~+200℃. It is more expensive because of its excellent performance.


Perfluorinated rubber, the long-term working temperature range is -39℃~+288℃, and it can reach 315℃ in the shore term. It is hard but not brittle and can be bent.


Excellent aging resistance, good electrical insulation, good impact elasticity, and oil resistance. But the vulcanization speed is slow, the self-adhesiveness and hot tearing performance are poor, and the processing performance is not good.


Butyl rubber has good air tightness, excellent light aging resistance and chemical resistance. The effect of absorbing shock or vibration is good. Good electrical insulation performance.

Why Choose Zhongde As Your Custom Rubber Parts Manufacturer

Zhongde is one of the mostprofessional custom rubber product manufacturersand rubber molded parts manufacturersbased in China, has been providing rubber molded parts for more than three decades. Our capabilities can ensure produce both rubber product and silicone product better than industry competitor. Meanwhile, we continue to invest in advanced equipment that enables us to handle high tolerance requirements for custom rubber parts.

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