K9 Pro 2-In-1 Tripod/Wall-Mounted Hand Sanitizer Dispenser & Infrared Thermometer

$18.00 – $20.50


2 In 1 Thermometer With Sanitizer Dispenser

The k9 pro thermometer dispenserworks with liquid sanitizer or even gel sanitizer (tutorial: how to modify K9 pro to use gel sanitizer). The infrared thermometer k9 prodispenses hand sanitizer whenever it detects a temperature. It will sound how much the temperature of the detected person is and will alarm as soon as it detects an abnormal temperature. Perfect for entrances at home, schools, offices, community, factory, supermarket, station, etc.

Additional information

Include Stand

No, Yes

Production Capacity

90 PCS/Hour

Minimum Order Quantity


Delivery Time

2-4 Days, 4-8 Days

Temperature Mode

℃, ℉


± 0.2 (34 ~ 45 ℃)


5 ~ 10 cm


Red lights with BEEPs sound

Print Speed

10~120mm/s (suggested 60mm/s)

Response time

500 ms


5 s

Charging method

USB or 4 AA batteries

Placement method

Nail hook / double-sided adhesive sticking / bracket fixing

Product Weight


Package Weight


Package Size



Rehabor, ODM, OEM

Sensor Type




K9 Pro

Rehabor A

Charging Method


USB/18650 lithium battery

USB/18650 lithium battery

Sanitizer Dispenser Capacity

1000 ml

1000 ml

450 ml

Voice Enabled

No Voice Enabled

Voice Enabled

Voice Enabled

Extrusion Type




As a reliable infrared thermometer supplier, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.

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