VE7 Vertically-Mounted Slewing Drive

VE7 Vertically-Mounted Slewing Drive

The VE series is designed for solar single-axis trackers. It makes solar tracker generate more electricity than their stationary structure due to increased direct exposure to solar ray. The high precision advantage of dual axis slew drive increases power generation as much as 10 to 25% depending on the geographic location of the tracking system. Compared to other tracking structures, the holding torque is large, free maintenance and the sealing is good. The end cap is stressed. The motor can be AC motor, DC motor, synchronous motor, brushless motor.

Main Application:single axis slewing drive, dual axis solar tracker, Vertical rotation of photovoltaic concentrating, photothermal power generation, etc.
Supply ability: Customized design.

Slewing Drive Performance Data
Normal Output Torque 2500N.m
Max. Output Torque(3sec.) 6000N.m
Backwards Holding Torque 20000N.m
Tilting Torque 13500N.m
Static Radial Rating 110KN
Static Axial Rating 60KN
Dynamic Radial Rating 60KN
Dynamic Axial Rating 30KN
Slewing Drive Ratio 63:01:00
Rotating Output Rated Speed 0.032rpm
Efficiency 40%
International Protection(IP) 65
Tracing Precision 0.1°
Worm Drive Temperature -20℃-+80℃
Self-Lock Drive Yes

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