Metal Self-ligating Brackets

We are always looking for an orthodontic system with quick tooth movement, reduced chairtime and consistent finished results. The self-ligating brackets system from IMD will fit that bill. Both active and passive self-ligating system can be the ideal self-ligating bracket systems which use a bracket. The reason for this is that the initial alignment and rotation correction of a malocclusion is much more effective with less pressure and less friction.

From ProMIM passive bracket system to ActMIM active bracket system, IMD self-ligating braces have a high level of high-quality material and precision manufacturing to provide reliable clinical performance. When we help you to reach your full orthodontic goals, you can help your patients achieve their potential smile.

Types Of Metal Self-ligating Brackets
ProMIM Passive Self-ligating Brackets
ActMIM Active Self-ligating Brackets

Advantages Of Metal Self-ligating Brackets
Less friction and more consistency in tooth movement compared to the effects of ligatures for early-stages treatment.

Efficient tooth movement and fewer appointment for shorter treatment time

Increased comfort due to the low profile and low force

Easier to maintain oral hygiene without the ligatures

Why Choose Our Metal Self-ligating Brackets?
Our metal self-ligating ortho brackets can be divided into passive self-ligating brackets and active self-ligating brackets, according to the self-ligating mechanism. Our advantage of metal braces self-ligating is that you can use the same mechanics you've used previously. Finished results will be better, even quicker and more consistent combined with the high-performance arch wires.

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