X7 CCTV & Sonar Pipe Inspection

The CCTV detection sonar floating system adopts sonar imaging technology and CCTV video detection technology. The underwater scanning unit (sonar head) and the water detection unit (rotating lens) are placed on the water surface inside the pipeline (full pipe or half pipe). Using crawler or manual drag method to drive (glide, float) to move in the pipeline. You can use a personal laptop or special controller to control our cctv camera inspection of pipes.

X7 CCTV & Sonar Pipe CCTVInspectionMain Parts

Sonar Probe

Size: total length: 485mm, diameter: 70mm;

Material: aluminum alloy shell;

Waterproof: IP68;

Operating temperature: 0~40℃;

Storage temperature: -20~70℃;

Weight in air: 2.7kg;

Acoustic frequency: 1MHz;

Beam width: 1.1deg (-3db), conical beam;

Range resolution (0.125m range) : 0.5mm;

Maximum applicable pipe diameter: 6000mm;

Transmitting pulse width: 4~20us;

Receiving bandwidth: 500KHz;

Power supply: 48V dc;

HD P&T Camera

IP68 up to 10m water depth

Working ambient temperature: -10℃~50℃

Light source: 4x 3W LED light

The radial rotation 360°,horizontal rotation ±135°,one click to reset

10X optical, 12X digital

Laser measurement for crack

Lens: color 1/3”, 2592*1520, CMOS, viewing angle 6.7°-68°,sensitive 0.1 lux, auto-focusing

Dimension( LxWxH): 155x95x90mm

Weight: about 1.5kg

Cable Reel

Cable length: 150m


2-pin cable, drawing anti-Kevlar 300 kg, imported polyurethane sheath, cable diameter <6mm, waterproof, wear, acid, corrosion.

Cable retracting automatically or manually

Accurate cable counter, devition within 1mm

Compatible with Easy-Sight X5-H series crawlers and X4 sonar inspection system

Protection class: IP63

Dimension( LxWxH): 570x395x475mm

Weight: about 45 kg( with 150m cable)

Main Controller

Regular computers or tablets can be used as the main controller with build-in inspection collection software. Both the main controller and joystick can control the CCTV pipe camera to go forward, back, and turn. The main controller can also control camera rotating, light and so on. Equipped with Pipe CCTV intelligent pipeline inspectionand evaluation report software and PipeSonar pipeline sonar imaging analysis report software. The former is used to control and operate the robot, video surveillance and recording, fill in inspection records on site and take screenshots for interpretation; the latter is used to display and collect inspection images in real time during the inspection process, and can perform contour extraction, interpretation analysis, 3D reconstruction and report output .

Floating Boat

UPVC material, suitable pipe width: DN500mm~6000mm;

Size:870mm * 458mm * 300mm;



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High definition is the most representative advantage of EasySightproducts for effective pipeline management. The X1-H4 pipe periscope can give you a quick inspection of your pipe so you can decide what is next move. X5H series robots are designed for different size pipes. The newly designed screw type crawler is a multi-sensor device equipped with CCTV, sonar and ladar.

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