Medical Device Metal Stamping

We implement 5S management, TPM equipment management, and quality management system. With these, we have won the trust of more global customers. We are committed to providing one-stop solutions including precision metal stamping, deep drawing, and metal insert molding to our top customers in a wide range of industries around the world.

Orienson Solution Of Medical Device Metal Stamping

The stamping parts we produce for Bourns (Johnson Medical Devices) are used in hemostatic forceps for minimally invasive surgery. And we helped to solve the problems:

The precision of the part is very high with no burrs.

Solve the problem of discoloration, blistering, and shedding of the surface coating at high temperatures.

The product is thin and small. We solved the problem of deformation during barrel plating, so customers can save the costs.

As a professoinal metal stamping supplier, we provide medical device stamping, custom metal stampings, metal stamping servicesand etc. Want to know more, contact us.

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