AG-27 Magnetic Cylinder Sensor

AG-27 series magnetic sensor

The AG-27 series is suitable for all 4φC-slot cylinders on the market. The unique rotor screw enhances the tightness of the combination with the cylinder, and can withstand 5kgF tension without loosening; the installation method directly placed above the groove can be used. saves a lot of loading and unloading time.

Specification of AG-27 Magnetic Cylinder Sensor





Switching Logic

Normally Open

Solid State Output, Normally Open

Output Type

2 Wire Solid State

NPN Current Sinking

PNP Current Sinking

Voltage Range

10~30V DC

5~30V DC

Sensor Current

1~50 mA

0~200 mA

Switch Rating

6 W Max.



3 mA Max.@24V

Voltage Drop

Leakage Current

90 μA Max.@28V




Green LED


Φ2.2, 2C, Grey Oil-Resistant PUR

Φ2.2, 3C, Grey Oil-Resistant PUR


40~800 Gauss

40~800 Gauss

Sensor Frequency












Ingress Protection

IP68 (BJ-R200810105A-01)

IP68 (BJ-R200810105A-01)

Protection Circuit

Surge Suppression

Power Reverse Polarity; Surge Suppression

CE Certificate NO.

E8A 17 04 53334 007

E8A 17 04 53334 008

CNEx Certificate NO.

RoHS 2011/65/EU & (EU) 2015/863

Reach NO.

(EC) N 1907/2006 (REACH)

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pneumatic magnetic sensor, etc. For more information, please feel free to contact us!

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