Blood collection tube additives play an important role in blood collection/vacuum blood collection. According to different functions of blood collection tube additives, they could be separated into blood anticoagulation, blood coagulation and separation gel. They are widely used for various tubes including: serum tubes, sodium citrate hemosinking tubes, special tubes for blood glucose detection, micro peripheral blood collection tubes and nucleic acid detection tubes, DNA preservation tube, PRP tube, CPT tube, PST tube or in scientific research experiment.

As a manufacturer of additives in blood tubes / additives in blood collection tubes, we provide high-quality serum separation gel, EDTA K2, EDTA K3, heparin sodium, heparin lithium, blood coagulant, sodium citrate, blood collection silicide agent and other products. These tube additives meet ISO9000 standards and obtain SGS certification and Chinese national patent certificate. First class quality and perfect after-sales service enable us to provide professional solutions for customers at home and abroad. We are committed to becoming a world leading brand of blood test reagents.

Use Of Blood Collection Tube Additives In Vacutainers
The following table lists the most commonly used blood collection tube additives, and their uses in blood collection tubes:
Additive for Blood Culture / additive used in blood culture collection

Tubes with golden cap/containing serum separation gel and coagulant

The role of additives: Promote rapid blood coagulation, quickly obtain clear, large amount of serum samples.

The purpose of serum separation gel tube: Keep serum stable for 48 hours, detect multiple clinical biochemical and immune indicators, and get real results.

Additives in Blood Tubes
Purple head cap tube containing EDTA K2/EDTA K3/EDTANA2's

The role of additive: it can effectively chelate calcium ions in the blood to prevent blood clotting.

EDTA whole blood vessel Uses: protect cell morphology, more commonly used in blood routine examinations, blood rheology, immune-hematology experiments and blood bank experiments Projects such as

Tube Additives
Heparin sodium/lithium heparin-containing green head cap tube

additives: inhibit the formation of thrombin, prevent platelet aggregation and play an anti-coagulant effect. Heparin tube uses: to obtain high-quality plasma for emergency biochemistry and blood rheologyitem

Additive in Lavender Top Tube
With a coagulant orange cap action additive tube: protease activated fibers, blood rapid solidification coagulants tube uses: complete coagulation of blood in a short time for inspection medical biochemistry, immunology

Light Blue Tube Additive
Fluorine The role of sodium fluoride + EDTA K2/ sodium fluoride + potassium oxalate gray cap tube

additive: prevent blood glucose degradation, an excellent protective agent forglucose detection. Blood glucose tube use: used for blood sugar, glucose tolerance, moderate hemolysis, clinical trial confirmation

Royal Blue Top Tube Additive
Containing sodium citrate black cap tube

action additive: the use of citrate ions and calcium ions is sodium citrate combine to form calcium citrate, to prevent blood coagulation

blood sedimentation tube purpose: suitable for clinical detection of ESR

Desheng provides additive in blood culture tube,

blood additives, blood culture tube additive, Tris hcl bufferetc. For more information, please feel free to contact us!

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