Casein Phosphopeptides

Casein Phosphopeptides
It comes from milk protein (New Zealand), and casein phosphate is obtained from bioactive peptides by biotechnology.

Casein phosphopeptide is a tyrosin hydrolyzed with trypsin or trypsin, refined and purified with the core structure of-ser (p) -ser (p) -ser (p) -glu-glu- (ser: serine, glu: glutamate, p: phosphate group). The phosphoserine residue (-ser (p) -) in this structure exists in clusters, which is negatively charged in the weakly alkaline environment of intestinal ph and prevents further action of digestive enzymes so that cpp is not further hydrolyzed and stable in the intestine. Domestic studies have found that the smaller the molar ratio of nitrogen to phosphorus in cpp, the shorter the peptide chain of cpp, the greater the density of the phosphate group, the higher the cpp purity and the stronger the absorption and utilization of calcium. For more natural functional ingredients.

Specifications of Casein Phosphopeptides (CPP)
Appearance: White to light yellow powder

Raw material: Milk protein(From New Zealand)

CAS No.:

Main active ingredient: CPP

Specification: 12%-90%

Appearance: White to light yellow powder

Flavor: Characteristic odor

Lead: 0.0-10.0mg/kg

Iron: 0.0-10.0mg/kg

Mercury: 0.0-0.5mg/kg

Aerobic plate count ≤3000 cfu/g

Coliform bacteria ≤30 MPN/100g

Mold count≤25 cfu/g

Yeast count≤25 cfu/g

Effect of Casein Phosphopeptides (CPP)
Nutritional supplement. To accelerate the functional food ingredients absorption of calcium and bone formation, enhance the absorption of element-iron and zinc, promote infants bone formation, prevent and improve osteoporosis, and improve gum health.

Applications of Casein Phosphopeptides (CPP)
Natural food additives for accelerating absorption of calcium, iron, zinc

Milk products E.g. fruit milk, Student formula milk, High calcium low fat milk etc.

Children nutrition food, E.g. infant nutritious cereal, high calcium biscuit.

Bean products, e.g. high calcium soymilk powder, calcium tofu etc.

Nutrition Cereals, chewing gum, etc.

Strengthening anti caries toothpaste

Beer, carbonated drinks, wine etc.

Recommended Usage of Casein Phosphopeptides (CPP)
30%-35% in total amount of Calcum

Beverages, milk drinks, cereals and their natural botanical extracts 1.6 g/kg; infantal food 3.0 g/kg.

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