Blue Eye enamel pins

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I've got my eye on you! Don't let our lucky blue eye enamel pin roll away! 

A great way to keep it hanging in place is pinning it to your camera strap, jacket lapel, lanyard or tote bag. Our enamel pins for blue eye  is made of the jewelry quality cloisonné process, hand filled enamel color and is smooth-to-the touch polished with outstanding nickel plating. Each enamel pins for blue eye one comes in an individual poly bag and is secured with a butterfly clutch back.


Hard Enamel Lapel Pins for Pretty Boy


     Size: 1"

     Thickness: 1.2mm

     Style: Hard enamel pins

     Attachments: Butterfly clutch 

     Packaging: Individual Polybag Our product lines include:  Custom Lapel PinsCustom LanyardsCustom Baseball Trading Pins,  Custom Medals, Custom Belt BucklesCustom Challenge CoinsCustom OrnamentsCustom Embroidered PatchesCustom KeychainsSilicon Wristband and MORE ...


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